"Some people are so broken, they get mad at you for being whole."

The first time I read this quote, it really hit me hard. This phrase reminded me of some people around - my friends - sometimes.

I encountered a lot of friends who are not happy as my "real friends" to me whenever I accomplished something good. I believe that if you're really aware what's happening around, you can distinguish who are your real friends and not. Especially when hard or good times is on it's way.

When I was a college, I have two or three persons who I considered my friends at school but whenever I got higher scores than them, whenever I have the attention of bosses and others (ojt) , whenever I talk about how am complete and happy about myself/life, I CAN TELL, that they're not genuinely happy for me. I feel it. (It's because their reactions were far from my real friends') When you try to be positive but all you can feel and hear is negative. It saddened me that people always have something bad to say. :-(

I don't know why some people wants to compete even no one's challenging them. I hope that as I grow old, I'd stop meeting people like this, especially when they are close to my heart.

Let's be happy for each other's achievements and be inspired to live better. COMPARISON WILL KILL YOU.