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Hello everyone!!! I'm Mariana a latina girl who loves Reading and writting, I'm Colombian and I'm 20 years old. I really just wanted to tell you guys a few things about myself.
Young and strong
Passion about life
Full of dreams
In love with my family
Curious about the world

Even though I'm only 20years old I feel like I've lived a lot. My chidlhood was awesome and just as normal as any kid of the 90's.
I went to school, had good grades, had amazing Friends (I changed
school about 5 times) I had Friends every school I went to.
Once I graduated from high school (16 years old) I left Colombia and I decided that I wanted to get to know other places in the world so I traveled to Canada (ALONE).
YEEES!! I was a baby (I'm still a baby I guess) when I first went to Canada.
YEEES!! It was shocking and YEEES it was complicated for a 16 years old girl. I DON'T LIKE COMPLAINTS so I'll skip the part that I didn't enjoy about my life in Canada.
I met awesome people. I got to see life differently and I grew up so fast I didn't even realized it.
I will always be thankful for everything Canada gave me in those 3 years I lived there.
There is more to tell about my 20 short but interesting years and I'm sure I'll be happy to tell all my stories here soon

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I started introducing me because I'm planning on writting more Articles in the future(NOT ALL OF THEM ABOUT MYSELF). I want you to know me, the real me and I feel like I can get to you throught writting.

Thank you all and don't forget to always smile.