Hello Everyone!

So, I am huge bookworm and thought I would create a fun reading challenge! I hope you enjoy my selections and come up with different ones of your own!

1.) A Book Published This Year

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My Selection: The Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

Lord of Shadows is the second instalment of the Mortal Instruments spinoff series. I love Cassandra Clare and would probably read her grocery list if she published it.

2.) A Book That Came Out More Than 100 Years Before You Were Born

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My Selection: The Arabian Nights by Anonymous

For those who may not know, the framework of the story is about an evil Sultan who takes a wife every night and then murders her the next morning. Brave Scheherazade comes up with a cunning plan where she starts a story every night which makes the Sultan keep her alive so he can hear the end. This goes on for 1001 nights until he falls in love with her and makes her his true wife. The Arabian Nights is collection those stories that kept Scheherazade alive including Aladdin, Ali Baba, and Sinbad the Sailor.

3.) A Young Adult Book

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My Selection: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

This is the second installment to A Court of Thorns and Roses. Loved the fist one, and can't wait to start book two!

4.) A Book That Is Recommended to You by a Friend or Family Member

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My Selection: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

This one was recommended to me by my mother after she demolished this trilogy. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is full of mystery, family drama, love, and financial intrigue.

5.) A Work of Nonfiction

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My Selection: The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan

This a posthumous collection of essays and stories from talented Yale graduate, Marina Keegan. Marina was set for a job at the New Yorker and was producing a play for the New York International Fringe Festival when she tragically died in a car crash five days after graduation. This collection articulates the universal struggle that all of us face as we figure out what we aspire to be and how we can harness our talents to make an impact on the world.

6.) An Original Fairy Tale or Mythological Story

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My Selection: The Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont

The classic tale of not judging a book by its cover! With the recent release of the live action movie, I have been itching to pick up the original story.

7.) A Murder Mystery

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My Selection: One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

One of Us Is Lying is the story of what happens when five strangers walk into detention and only four walk out alive. Everyone is suspect, and everyone has something to hide.

8.) A Classic From the 20th Century

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My Selection: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Randle Patrick McMurphy, a boisterous rebel swaggers into the world of a mental hospital set on taking over. McMurphy rallies the other patients around him by challenging the dictatorship of Nurse Ratched. He promotes gambling in the ward, smuggles in wine and women, and openly defies the rules at every turn. But this defiance, which starts as a sport, soon develops , an all-out war between Randle and Nurse Ratched.

9.) A Book That Is/Will Be a Movie or Show

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My Selection: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

A story about, among other things: A girl, some words, an accordionist, some fanatical Germans, a Jewish fist-fighter, and quite a lot of thievery. . . .an unforgettable story about the ability of books to feed the soul.

10.) A Guilty Pleasure Book You Don’t Exactly Want Others to Know You Have Read

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My Selection: Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James

Let's be honest, Fifty Shades is the ultimate guilty pleasure...

11.) A Book More Than 600 Pages

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My Selection: Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas

This is the fifth installment of the Thrones of Glass series. At this point, explaining anything will give away major spoilers for the books before this. So, all I am going to say is this book will be about pure amazingness

12.) A Book Less Than 180 Pages

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My Selection: Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote

It's New York in the 1940s, where the martinis flow from cocktail hour till breakfast at Tiffany's. And nice girls don't, except, of course, Holly Golightly. Pursued by Mafia gangsters and playboy millionaires, Holly is a fragile eyeful of tawny hair and turned-up nose, a heart-breaker, a perplexer, a traveller, a tease. She is irrepressibly 'top banana in the shock department', and one of the shining flowers of American fiction.

13.) A Fantasy Novel

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My Selection: Sabriel by Garth Nix

Sabriel’s father has gone missing in the mysterious and magical Old Kingdom. With her two companions, they must enter the Old Kingdom where the line between the living and the dead may not always be clear.

14.) Reread a Book That Feels Like Home

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My Selection: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

All through middle school, the Percy Jackson books were my obsession. I read them all many times, but it was always The Lightning Thief that I would turn to when I needed comfort; when I wanted to escape. I always loved visiting Hogwarts and exploring Narnia, but Camp Half Blood was always my literary home.

15.) A Book With A Red Cover

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My Selection: The Da Vinci Code

One of my secret past times is that I love reading conspiracy theories. I cannot believe that it has taken me so long to pick this one up!

16.) A Classic Gothic Novel

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My Selection: Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey is often referred to as Jane Austen's Gothic parody. Decrepit castles, locked rooms, mysterious chests, cryptic notes, and tyrannical fathers give the story an uncanny air, but one with a decidedly satirical twist.

17.) A Book You “Read” in High School (AKA the book you Spark Noted the heck out of to get the grade)

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My Selection: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

We had to read this one my junior year of high school. I never had the time, or really the motivation to use up what free time I did have reading this book. It was not that bad of a read, but I did not see the point at the time when I could just use Spark Notes. This is the story of Siddhartha and his journey to finding the meaning of life.

18.) A Book About A Serious Topic or Issue In Our Society

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My Selection: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Starr Carter moves between two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends. The life she knows is upended when she witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood friend at the hands of a police officer. Her friend, was unarmed. Soon, her friend’s death is national headline and everyone wants to know exactly what happened that night. However, her answer could not only enrage her community, but endanger her life.

19.) A Dystopian or Science Fiction Novel

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My Selection: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

In an alternate United States, love has been declared a dangerous disease, and the government forces everyone who reaches eighteen to have a procedure called the Cure. However, within ninety-five days of her treatment, Lana meets Alex and everything changes. Could she actually love him?

20.) A Book By An Author No Longer Alive

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My Selection: We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirley Jackson

Merricat Blackwood lives on the family estate with her sister Constance and her Uncle Julian. Not long ago there were seven Blackwoods—until a fatal dose of arsenic found its way into the sugar bowl one terrible night. Acquitted of the murders, Constance has returned home, where Merricat protects her from the curiosity and hostility of the villagers. Their days pass in happy isolation until cousin Charles appears. Only Merricat can see the danger, and she must act swiftly to keep Constance from his grasp

21.) A Book That Takes Place In Your Home State or Country

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My Selection: The Christopher Killer

The Christopher Killer takes place in the beautiful city of Silverton, Colorado, my home state. This city is one of the hidden gems of the Rocky Mountains (San Juan Region). Seventeen-year old Cameryn Mahoney finally convinces her father, the county coroner, to take her on as an assistant. Things become a bit personal when the first case involves the death of a friend.

22.) A Book That Takes Place In A Different Country

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My Selection: Map of Fates by Maggie Hall

Map of Fates is the second book the Conspiracy of Us Trilogy. Avery West has found out that her family is part of an immensely powerful secret society called The Circle and they believe Avery is the key to an ancient prophecy. While some want to use her as a pawn, others want her dead. She must race around the world deciphering clues in order to discover the conspiracy surrounds her dangerous family.

23.) An Author Who Uses a Pseudonym

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My Selection: 1984 by George Orwell

Eric Arthur Blair, better known as George Orwell, is a master at weaving chilling tales of the possible future. 1984 will be a reread for me, but is one of my all time favorite books.This book is a startlingly original and haunting novel that creates an imaginary world that is completely convincing, from the first sentence to the last four words. No one can deny the novel's hold on the imaginations of whole generations, or the power of its admonitions -a power that seems to grow, not lessen, with the passage of time. If you have a problem with this book, be careful. Big Brother is watching and I love Big Brother.

24.) A Children's Book

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My Selection: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This an adorable and magical coming of age story meant to be read by everyone.

25.) A Love Story

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My Selection: To All The Boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han

Lara keeps a secret collection of love letters she wrote for the five boys she has had crushes on in the past. She never intended for anyone else to read them. Too bad they are somehow mailed to all five boys….That’s awkward.

26.) A Book That Has Been Banned Or Highly Challenged

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My Selection: Lord of the Flies by William Golding

When a plane crashes on a remote island, a small group of schoolboys are the sole survivors.Each of the boys attempts to establish control as the reality - and brutal savagery - of their situation sets in. So In other words, let the 76th annual Hunger Hunger Games begin...

27.) A Book By An Award Winning Female

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My Selection: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. But behind the scenes, a fierce competition is underway - a duel between two young magicians, Celia and Marco, who have been trained since childhood expressly for this purpose by their mercurial instructors. Unbeknownst to them, this is a game in which only one can be left standing, and the circus is but the stage for a remarkable battle of imagination and will.

28.) A Book From A Series You Have Not Yet Finished

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My Selection: Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes

This is the fourth installment to the Falling Kingdom Series. It is honestly like the YA Game of Thrones (minus the dragons and incest...so far).

29.) A Play

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was actually written as a play and takes place nineteen years later. This tale is full of time travel through Harry’s past

30.) A Book By An Author Who Is Of a Different Race Than You

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My Selection: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

In every generation on the island of Fennbirn, a set of triplets is born—three queens, all equal heirs to the crown and each possessor of a coveted magic.
But becoming the Queen Crowned isn’t solely a matter of royal birth. Each sister has to fight for it. And it’s not just a game of win or lose…it’s life or death. The night the sisters turn sixteen, the battle begins.The last queen standing gets the crown.

31.) A Book With Multiple Narrators

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My Selection: The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins’s spellbinding tale of romance, theft, and murder inspired a hugely popular genre–the detective mystery. Hinging on the theft of an enormous diamond originally stolen from an Indian shrine, this riveting novel features the innovative Sergeant Cuff, the hilarious house steward Gabriel Betteridge, a lovesick housemaid, and a mysterious band of Indian jugglers.

32.) A Book By Someone You Admire

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My Selection: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings By Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou was an American poet, memoirist, actress, and important figure in the American Civil Rights. She was such a strong and passionate women that advocated equality for everyone. I Know Why the Cage Book Sings is memoir about her childhood/young adult years and was the first nonfiction bestseller by an African-American woman.

33.) A Book With A One Word Title

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My Selection: Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen

Scarlet is a twist on the tale of Robbin Hood. Will Scarlet is a female in Robin Hood's band of thieves protecting the people of Nottingham from the evil sheriff. The terrible events in her past that led Scarlet to hide her real identity are in danger of being exposed when the thief taker, Lord Gisbourne, arrives in town to rid Nottingham of the Hood and his men once and for all.

34.) A Book You Own But Have Not Read

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My Selection: American Psycho By Bret Easton Ellis

Patrick Bateman is twenty-six and he works on Wall Street, he is handsome, sophisticated, charming and intelligent. He is also a psychopath. Taking us to head-on collision with America's greatest dream—and its worst nightmare—American Psycho is bleak, bitter, black comedy about a world we all recognise but do not wish to confront.

35.) A Collection of Poetry

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My Selection: The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace

This poetry collection is separated into four parts: the princess, the damsel, the queen, and you. The poems explore life and all its love, loss, grief, healing, empowerment, and inspirations.

36.) A Book With A Beautiful Cover

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My Selection: The Crown by Kiera Cass

This is the end of the Selection Series. America's daughter must now make her choice as to who she will marry.

37.) A Book That Intimidates You

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My Selection: Ulysses by James Joyce

The sheer size and endless commentary on how difficult it is to understand leaves me a little nervous to take on this timeless classic. Joyce is one author you do not read lightly.

38.) A Book With A Number In The Title

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My Selection: Catch-22 By Joseph Heller

At the heart of Catch-22 resides the incomparable, malingering bombardier, Yossarian, a hero endlessly inventive in his schemes to save his skin from the horrible chances of war.

His problem is Colonel Cathcart, who keeps raising the number of missions the men must fly to complete their service. Yet if Yossarian makes any attempts to excuse himself from the perilous missions that he's committed to flying, he's trapped by the Great Loyalty Oath Crusade, the bureaucratic rule from which the book takes its title: a man is considered insane if he willingly continues to fly dangerous combat missions, but if he makes the necessary formal request to be relieved of such missions, the very act of making the request proves that he's sane and therefore, ineligible to be relieved

39.) A Book Guaranteed To Make You Smile

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The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

Didn't I mention above how much I love the Percy Jackson Series? I am pretty much a sucker for anything Rick Riordan writes. Apollo has always been a favorite Greek god and I can't wait to see how this plays out.

40.) A Wild Card!

This last slot is for you to chose to fill however you please!

Thanks For Reading!

I hop you enjoyed my list of books! Fill free to send postcards if you would like to talk or comment about my selections. Happy Reading!