If you were to ask anyone (anyone meaning my brother) what I spend the most time on my phone doing, it's probably reading a werewolf story on Wattpad.

Besides that, WeHeartIt holds most of my attention, mainly from the world around me.

It's something about liking a picture that resonates with you.

funny, lol, and humor image
It could be because of how funny it was, or
Image by Ellen Karlsson
how it made you change your view on some.
selena gomez, the weeknd, and couple image
Making you wish you had a relationship,
Temporarily removed
or didn't.
blackberries, blue, and flowers image
Even motivated you to be healthier
art, aesthetic, and indie image
or be more creative.
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Maybe it was just a really pretty picture.

For me, just seeing various pictures, quotes, and videos posted from other WeHearters, that I can either relate to, use to escape my own life or just dream about the future makes me appreciate WeHeartIt that more.

But with the new Article update, WehHearters (myself included) are now able to express themselves not only through our pictures but also through our thoughts too.

As a proud supporter (and user) of WeHeartit, I'm more than happy to share my opinion, random thoughts, and humor with the fellow people of WeHeartIt.

So hi everyone, my name is Jannell and I can't wait to share more than just images with you.