There are so many things in life to smile about, and here is a list of them.

  • listening to music that says the words you can't find
  • being the reason for someone else's smile
  • traveling
  • sunsets
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  • color coded anything
  • swimming at night
  • wearing a new outfit
  • christmas lights
book image girl, water, and grunge image fashion, style, and outfit image light and christmas image
  • carving pumpkins
  • childhood friendships
  • photo albums
  • puppy breath
Halloween, pumpkin, and girl image friends, sisters, and best friends image memories, photo, and picture image dog, cute, and puppy image
  • free wifi
  • the smell of a new car
  • an unexpected letter
  • the fact that Christmas comes ever year
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here are more reasons if you would like to read some more

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If at least one of these reasons put a smile on your face then that makes me super happy. I hope you found joy from this and seek happiness every day!