I'll be the first to admit, when it comes to trends or popular things on social media, I'm the last (and when I say last, I mean the last) person to board on that train.

Sometimes I'm on a whole other contraption, not even similar to a train. I somewhat blame that for(on) my lack of social media "profiles", if that's what you call it.

Up until last week my world consisted of WeHeartIt, YouTube, and Wattpad. I just randomly made a Snapchat, but that was because I was tired of being left out and I still haven't even attempted to make an Instagram.

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon New Rules by Dua Lipa, a month after it came out.

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For some that may seem pretty late, but as someone who has been months (sometimes even a years) late to songs and videos I actually like, I see this as progress slowly being made.

Now I won't lie, I did happen to see New Rules trending on the music part of YouTube for quite sometime. But as someone who rarely strays away from her regularly artists or type of music, image my surprise at seeing that song pop up in my recommended and for me to actually like it.

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Seeing as I never gone though a break up (much less been in a relationship) you would almost think that this song couldn't be more than just a pop song that I may nod my head to every once in a while when I hear it on the radio.

And maybe if I had heard the song first and not seen the video, I may have just agree with you.

But as a female who wants other females to lift and glide each other, you couldn't be more wrong.

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Just by listening to this song, all you hear is Lipa speaking about her break up and how she plans on getting over. Sounds just like every other break up song, right?

Right. Until you see the video.

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Throughout the video you see her friends helping her get over her break up. Taking care of her while also guiding her when needed.
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Scene such as them braiding and brushing each other hair, getting her out bed,
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And remind her of her own rules she made in order to get over her break up.
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Then, towards the end of the video Lipa returns the favor for one of her friends.
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Half way though the video, I even forgot it was a break up song and wouldn't be shocked if they were all best friends in real life.
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I was so taken away with how flawless and aesthetically pleasing the video was.
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Straight down to the colorful outfits and beautiful Miami scenery in contrast to how serious she mouths the lyrics as the video goes on.

Being a senior in high school, I have first hand seen how catty, self-center, and harsh other females sometimes are to one another.

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This video gave me hope that somewhere within the cattiness and drama of high school, we as girls, maturing into women, can some how come together as one when one of us is in our time of need.

With that being said, New Rules will always be more than just a summer break up song to me.

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So what's the take away from this....
if it's in your recommended, it's there for a reason.

Until next time...

In the mean, go check out some of my other articles.