The first time i wrote something it was for my dad's funeral. I was 10 years old and was heartbroken, i wrote down how much i was gonna miss him and talked about how i'll always remember him.

That was (also) the first time i wanted to die.

The second time a wrote something a realized i didn't have real friends at school. I was 11. I wrote about my loneliness and how i needed someone to talk about that terrible sadness i was feeling inside and did not know how to deal with.

That was (also) the second time that i wanted to die.

The third time i wrote something i did not recognized myself in the mirror. I was 15. I felt lost, i did not know who i was anymore, i felt like a failure, like i was not good enough. I was depressed but i did not know it.

That time i just wrote about wanting to die.

The fourth time i wrote something i was tired of being sad. So i wrote about being alive. I talked about all the things i would like to do someday, all the things i wanted to change for better. I talked about my father, how much did his death affect me and how he would want me to keep living.

That was (also) the time i decided i did not wanted to die anymore. I was going to get better. And, somehow, i did get better. I'm not going to say that all my demons have gone away, but i have definitely got rid of most of them. I'm stronger now, i'm happier and wiser. It took time but i made it and, even though i felt ashamed of what i went through now i know that in order to overcome your past you need to accept the experiences that made you who you are.

If i'm sharing this little piece of my story is not because i want to bring attention to myself or want to cause pity. The reason i talk about this is because i hope that if someday somebody who is passing by a similar situation reads this maybe (just maybe) it will make him/her realize that you actually can overcome depression, you can float out of that darkness that is holding you down. You can be happy, so have hope and be strong. Keep holding on, take a deep breath. You are going to be just fine.