On Earth:

She felt it in her bones. The chilling feeling that someone or something was watching her. The walk to her destination wasn’t far, but that feeling kept getting stronger. They had stayed safe by moving, never staying too long in just one place. It had taken a toll on her companion who desperately wanted to have a life other than making sure she survived. She knew this even though he thought his attempts at hiding his feelings were working. He wasn’t the tuff guy he made others believe he was. There were moments when his exterior softened and a kind, good-hearted man stood looking out. It was she who had the ability to hide secrets from him. Over the past three years he had taken care of her. Secretly she had found a way to repay him, one that would let him return to their world. Her father had personally asked Ryan to protect her from their invaders. The thing about Ilana was that she could take care of herself.

It was her special abilities that attracted the invaders to her planet. Her people called these invaders the Havittaja, for they destroyed several communities on their route. Ilana had a special ability only a handful of her people had been recorded to have. She had spent years reading the books in the enormous library that housed every historical event that had taken place. In her research she found that others before her had named themselves the Parantajat. The readings talked of her ability as if it were a gift that was given to one individual. This gift was said to be a life force that chose an individual based on who they were. It had not mentioned that the Havittaja came to collect individuals with this ability. Unlike her predecessors, she was royalty, and her father had already lost his beloved wife to the Havittaja’s quest to obtain a Parantajat. He could not lose his daughter as well.

Ryan was simply someone she had known for a long time who worked as a guard. Ilana had known him since they were children. He was the first person to witness her abilities. It was a normal day like always. They had been playing in the ballroom, which had huge windows and a beautiful view of the town. This day was different in that a creature had struck the window, quickly plummeting downward. Ilana was the first to run out with Ryan tailing behind. Something inside her clicked when she saw the dead bird. It only took a simple touch for the clearly dead animal to jump up and fly away. Over the years she found that with a simple look, she could bring something back to life or do the opposite, but not only that, she could heal what needed to be healed. It wasn’t just the physical wounds but mental ones as well. It was this gift that made her understand what others were feeling inside even when they tried to hide it.

Ilana knew she got too close emotionally to everyone, but that was how she worked. It was harder for her than anyone to leave her people. New friends weren’t hard for her to make, but they were hard to leave behind. Losing her mother, whom she spent the most time with, almost broke her. It took months for her to return to a normal state. By the time she heard the news, her mother was already too far gone to bring back. That was the thing about her powers, they were time sensitive. Ilana knew that the one day Ryan wouldn’t be able to save her, and he too would be lost forever. If any part of her sanity was to be kept, she had to find a way to stop everything that was happening. She had a plan, but she needed to get Ryan home before she could finish with it. She knew he wouldn’t approve and try and to stop her.

Ilana was sick of running from the Havittaja. It wasn’t her idea to hide in the first place. Ilana had argued for hours over the reasons her father should have let the Havittaja take her. He wouldn’t hear of such thoughts. Her father had a secret meeting with only a few of his closest friends. They came to the idea to have her run, but running was never a good idea. At first she embraced a saying her mother used to say about making good of the bad. She used some of their time reading and learning about each place they went. This kept her busy for a few weeks depending on how long each planet had been in existence. It was Ryan who helped fill the rest of the time for her. She told him many times that he didn’t need to go through the trouble, but he still did it. It was times like these, and some unexpected moments, when she saw his exterior crumble.

Their current location was what the inhabitants called “Earth.” They looked much like these beings, so they didn’t need to use their devices to change their appearance. During the mornings they ran. Each time they raced to see who could make it back first. Ilana enjoyed the competition because she knew Ryan wouldn’t let her win. He knew she hated being treated differently. Her father was smart in having Ryan protect her. He was after all, one of her only friends. Even when he was training to be a soldier, he used to visit her. When Ilana’s mother died, it was Ryan who got her to smile again. She owed him for so many times he took the time to understand what she was feeling and thinking. Sending him home was her way of repaying him partially for all of those times. Ilana knew that Ryan’s family believed they wouldn’t see their son again. She heard his mother’s worried voice and his father’s shaky voice when he last saw them. They both hid their feelings very well, but it was Ryan’s little sister that had broken Ilana’s heart. That is why she did what she did next.

She knew that her pursuers were Havittaja soldiers. They had run into them a few times over the years. A red “x” on their chest meant they were soldiers. These were the creatures that came after Ryan and Ilana. Like Ilana’s people, the Havittaja had created a device that could change what they looked like, along with camouflage themselves. The Havittaja had hard, brown skin that ridged up, something like a raisin. Even with that physical feature, they secreted a sticky saliva that allowed them stick to basically anything. This ability was how they caught most of the Parantajat. It allowed them to scale large areas faster than Ilana and Ryan could run on foot. Their skin also acted as a hard shield that was impossible to penetrate.
It was Earth who had provided Ilana with the answer to getting Ryan home safely. Chloroform was the answer to her problem. It was something she read about when they first landed. He wasn’t going to suspect that she would do something like this, but the truth was that he didn’t know her as well as he thought. Ilana’s mother had made sure that her daughter could take care of herself. She had hired Ryan’s father to teach Ilana how to fight, and some other skills. He was sworn to secrecy by Ilana’s mother. Ilana knew that he wouldn’t tell anyone unless he desperately had to. Her training also involved knowing how to control the ship that brought them here. She remembered that the ship had a navigation system that allowed her to program a planet and it would fly and land itself there. These two things would help her send Ryan back home. By the time he woke up and found the note she left, it would already be too late.

There was no point in running anymore. Whatever was going to be her fate, she would face it head on. Ilana knew her father’s plan could only last so long. She caught a glimpse of movement on the building to her left. It was the middle of the night so she knew they wouldn’t need to disguise themselves. She had grabbed a knife but didn’t plan to use it as a weapon, only to show them that she was giving up. She took it out now and dropped it on the ground. They understood, but instead of grabbing her like she thought they would, they asked her nicely to go with them. Ilana was shocked by their behavior and the realization that they knew her language. They didn’t treat her like a prisoner as she got on the ship. One even picked up her knife and gave it to her. She put it back in its sheath curious of what was going to happen next. They told her that she wasn’t in danger and all would soon be explained.

It may have been that she had time to think back on times they ran into the Havittaja, but she realized that at no time had they tried to hurt them. Her world had tried to explain their reasoning for taking people who had her abilities when they didn’t know what happened to them. No one had tried to reason with them. Their entire hatred for them had been when the first Parantajat had been taken. Ilana’s people didn’t even know why they needed only the people with her abilities in the first place. Ilana looked around at all of them, and as if seeing them for the first time, realized the rough skin was only a shield. Each one could be taken off. Some of the Havittaja had taken them off, revealing physical features much like Ilana’s. The only differences were their pointed ears, yellow skin, and the palms of their hands were an emerald in color.

The Home Planet:

Ryan had just woken up from his sleep. Ilana had managed to put him in the sleeper cell. He knew she wasn’t on the ship. The thermos sensors would have picked up another creature on board. Ryan had been trying to reprogram the ship to head back, but with no avail. Ilana had put a time lock on. He could neither start the ship, nor override the system. If he knew Ilana, and he would like to think that he did, she wouldn’t be on Earth anymore. He looked out the window to his home planet. If only Ilana could see this sunset, she would say that everyone should enjoy the little things because no one knows how long they have. Ilana had grown up in the years they had been running. Ryan slipped his hands in the pockets of his pants, but instead of the emptiness he was expecting, he touched a slip of paper. He took out the carefully folded piece of paper and opened it. Ilana’s delicate handwriting was etched in blue, her favorite color. The letter read:

Dear Ryan,
You have to understand that my ability to create relationships also makes it hard to leave them behind. You were there when my father and I fought about this arrangement. Your family let me into their home when my mother died and my father became distant. I knew that returning you home would be a gift to you. Ryan, I always knew you hated babysitting me. In some way this is me repaying you. I am turning myself into the Havittaja right after you break the surface of Earth. It’s too late to save me when you read this, so please don’t come looking. You wouldn’t approve of my actions, this I know, but it’s my choice and in no way should you blame yourself for what I am going to do, or have done by the time you are reading this. Whatever happens to me, I want you to live, not just for yourself, but for every Parantaja. Enjoy life, and please don’t sulk for me. I am one person in a community of thousands.
Ilana Lyn

Some people just couldn’t be replaced and Ilana was one of them. She had always been special, even as a little girl. Her powers weren’t what made her special, it was how she treated people that made her great. It wasn’t until later in Ryan’s life that he knew what kind of special she was to him. Ilana was always a stubborn person who never did what she was told. He admired her fighting spirit and how she challenged him. Ilana had always argued with him since they were little. There wasn’t a cell in her body that didn’t speak its mind. They had always ended an argument by laughing at whatever they had been fighting about, except for one. He remembered their first fight like it was yesterday. For him to be a soldier, training was a big part of his life. His teacher used technology to simulate scenarios that would happen. One event had scared him so bad that his emotions just turned off. He hadn’t exactly notice this change in himself, as Ilana had. She had fought with him about it for hours. It was the only fight that she was actually mad at him. Ryan remembered it so well, because it had almost ended their friendship. She had been so mad that she stalked out of the room and he knew that if he didn’t do something, she would never talk to him again. The look in her eye as she left made his entire being awaken again. He hated seeing her like that, and he would not let her slip away. He had run after her, and something he said had made her believe them. After that, he had made an effort to see her as much as possible, because as much as he hated to admit it, what she felt mattered to him. The way she had helped Ryan was the mystery of how her powers worked. Sometimes she did things without realizing them.

There was something he always like about watching her read. He knew that her life wasn’t exactly the way she wanted it. He tried to make it a little more meaningful in any way that he could. In the first year he had been assigned to take care of her, she had almost died on his watch. Watching her suffer almost killed him. It was in the moments at night that he had time to think, that he knew he had fallen deeply in love with her without even trying. To him she was everything that made his world. Ryan couldn’t believe as he read her letter that his only true love was gone forever. Tears had begun to stream down his face as he fell on the floor of his ship. She didn’t know his true feelings, and now he desperately wished that he had said something.

On the Ship:

Ilana found herself at a table with the Havittaja’s queen. She was dressed in emerald colored satin that made her skin seem to glow, which added to her almost godly essence. Her crown was jeweled with emeralds to match the clothes. Ilana saw a faint smile cross the queen’s face, one that was sincere but yet creepy at the same time. The queen had a sphere object in her hand that glowed different colors as she turned it. She was looking into it as she waited for her servants to finish putting out the trays of food. A keen eye was still studying Ilana up and down, which made Ilana a little skirmish. As the last servant left, the queen tapped a few times on the sphere and the image she had just been looking at, shined on a wall of the room. Ilana realized the queen had used a code to lock the images into the sphere. An image of a boy while he laid on a bed was shown. Ilana soon realized that it was a video, as the boy started shivering and screaming, most likely in extreme pain. A pained expression crossed the queen’s expression as she turned back to Ilana. “Your people have always assumed that we take you to destroy your existence, but that is far from the truth. My soldiers promised you answers and I am here to give you them. I have to start out by showing you this video. The boy you are seeing now was the first case of the epidemic. We do not take Parantajats with the idea of keeping you forever. If you so wish to leave, I will allow you to do so, all I ask is you hear me out first,” the queen was waiting for an answer, but all Ilana could do was nod, “First you must know of creatures called Karsia. The hard outer layers we use to protect ourselves come from them. They shed their shells as each one grows, like a snake. These people are the source of our epidemic due to the fact that they have a venom that adapts itself once injected. My father and husband, while trying to make peace with them, were bitten and became the first of my people to die from it. The venom changed itself into a disease that spread through our civilization. Most of your kind have helped us heal those who suffer, while trying to find a cure. There have always been too many sick people for only one Parantajat to cure. We have found that with every person you cure, the energy you have drains rapidly. I ask of you to help me cure as many as you can. That little boy you saw in this sphere is my son.” Ilana looked at the boy, “Why should I help you? You killed my mother,” the Queen got up, “That was not our race my dear. Remember the Karsia also have that shell. If I remember right, your father trusts the Karsia that killed your mother, I think I still have the recording.”

She took out the sphere, again tapping on it to find another video. After a few minutes of watching her, she smiled. The video was seen on the walls as before. It showed Devon, her father’s right hand man and her mother arguing over something inaudible. A part way through Devon turned into a massive creature and used one of its long nails to impale her mother. It was both shock and horrifying relation that crossed her mother’s face before she fell to the floor. He changed back again and ran for the guards, but not before he stabbed her mother with an actual knife into the same wound he had created so the wound matched the knife serrations. He even checked to make sure he had the perfect pained expression across his face. A single tear ran from Ilana’s eye, and something inside her cracked. If she ever went back home after she finished here, he and everyone else was going to see a side of Ilana that no one knew existed. “Is the disease acting like a living organism?” Ilana inquired after a few moments of making up her mind that she was going to kill Devon someday. “Yes, why do you ask?” the queen said. “I think I may have an idea of how to cure mass quantities of people at once. I am thinking that I may be able to change how the disease thinks. I have one request, if and when we cure everyone, I want you to take me back home,” the Queen tapped her ball again, “You have yourself a deal, and you can call me Rosa, Queen Rosa. What do you need me to do for you?” Ilana got up and went to the door, “I need all of the sick and probably the living, to gather around me. I might be able to manipulate the disease to kill itself, or at least kill each other by using its mental behavior. I think your ball room is big enough,” Rosa exhaled. “Ilana, you may not survive using as much energy as it will take to do that.”

The Funeral:

Ryan had enough of the funeral that proceeded, with all of its lies. At first it was the letters saying how great the princes were by people who didn’t even know her, and the next was the flower and light ceremony that was meant to let go of loved ones. From what he saw, the King didn’t love his daughter enough to even attend the ceremony. It ended with Ilana’s father making up how they had looked long and hard to find their missing princess, which had been a complete lie. No search had followed after Ryan told her father. Ryan was told later that Devon had convinced him that it would be too dangerous to look for her. They knew in what general part of the galaxy the Havittaja’s planet was, but it was an area that wasn’t well known. Ryan could see Devon’s concerns, but it hit a nerve when the king didn’t attend part of his own daughter’s funeral and lied to his people.

Ryan stormed off into the woods half way through the king’s speech. He couldn’t take another word that came from that man. It was hard enough for Ryan to come to terms that his best friend and love would no longer be there to listen to him complain about this and that. Ilana never complained about anything, until her father had made them run, it was one of the reason he had fallen in love with her. Her heart was kind and her words kinder. She never had an ill thing to say about anyone, even the Havittaja. She knew her place in the world, but never thought she was above others. Ilana went out of her way to help others who needed it, he knew because sometimes she would ask him if he would help move big objects that were too heavy for her. He would always be rewarded after she finished with a full stomach of food prepared by Ilana herself. Ilana had found that cooking helped her relax and the castle cooks had helped Ilana become very good at it.

He had walked to the old relic that Ilana had found years ago. She had explained that it was the beginning of her race, meaning the Parantajat race. It was a pillar explaining how Ilana’s gift was given to Ryan’s people. He had interrupted her, saying that she was also a Tahti, (what Ryan and Ilana’s people called themselves), and that she was no different from him, but she just lightly punched him and kept going with her story. An unknown creature had used this as a way to escape his destroyed ship and fell through their atmosphere, sustaining bad injuries. He gave a woman who tried to save his life a gift, the gift of life and death. This was also the day Ilana had given him a trinket to take with him on his first real mission. It was an Argead Star, a symbol of light that had twelve rays around a circle. The symbol was etched on a stone and the color of gold. She had told him that if he ever found that he could not find a single ray of sunshine, to remember that if there was no sun to be seen, he would always have a piece of it on him. Ryan was rolling that trinket over and over in his hand. He hadn’t noticed that it was inscribed;

If the sun no longer shines, this will be your ray of light to see by. Even in our grandest goodbyes, I will always be there for you.
With Love,

She had imbedded a goodbye into his trinket. He mentally kicked himself for not seeing it sooner. Ilana knew at some point every one of the Parantajat had been found and taken away. Eventually she was going to be found too. He wished that he had said some sort of a goodbye to her before this all happened. Ryan knew he didn’t want to come face to face with the reality that struck him harder than a semi, or at least that was an Earth expression. For him it was more like the world he had been living in color had suddenly changed too black and white. He always saw the bad in people, or at least that is what Ilana thought. Ilana had always told him he needed to try and find the good instead. She didn’t know that he compared everyone to her. There was no one who came close to Ilana, and he knew no one ever would again.

The Healing Touch:

All of the Havittajas were crowded around Ilana in a circle. The sick was the first she had to use her powers on. She was hoping that she was fast enough to catch the disease before it spread to the others. The good part about her idea, was that she could feel where the disease was. So she could stop it quicker that way. She had slept and gained strength for a few days. She was hoping she had enough energy to cure everyone. This plan wasn’t concrete, but it was the only one she had. If this didn’t work, she would never get her revenge on Devon the Karsia. She had been allowed access to the orb, and soon found that the real Devon was still alive, and that the Karsia had used his appearance to gain access to her father. She was the only one who knew the truth, and it was up to her to stop him. Ilana wasn’t going to sit back and let others do her dirty work. The Karsia had started this fight, and she was going to finish it.

The Queen had been gracious enough to give her as much information on the Karsia as they had. They were big, they were fast, and they were smart. They could only be described as a mix between a venomous snake, scorpion, and a hard shelled bug with sharp razor claws. They had found a way to evolve their shell so that it was super hard and almost unbreakable. Unlike the Havittaja, who only used it to cover major organs, the Karsia were covered from head to toe with it. They weren’t easily destroyed. Their venom and claws were the deadliest part about them. If one got stung by their tail, or scratched, the venom would enter the system and take over. The only thing she had to do was show who Devon really was, or her people would think she had gone crazy. This thought came with a solution. A secret liquid the Queen wouldn’t tell her much about, would change him back into his true form. All Ilana had to do was stick him with the syringe and inject the red liquid.

Ilana snapped out of her thoughts when the queen nodded to her. It was her que that everyone was accounted for. Ilana closed her eyes and immediately felt the diseases presence around her. She pin pointed every part of the disease then started to work her magic. She could feel her energy slowly draining. At some point she had to sit down or she would have fallen. The disease was strong, she figured it would be since it had been roaming around for a long time. It was also hard to change its mind. She found a small glimmer in the dark that she used to change what it saw as being bad. After a few moments she had managed to show it that the Karsia were bad. It listened. Each person who had been sick coughed up a green paste containing the disease. With some rest they would be fine. It was Ilana who didn’t feel too well. Blood started running from her ears and nose. Ilana saw everyone in a blurry haze.

She slowly awoke with a white, bright light peeking through her lids. Ilana opened her eyes to see Rose and a few other people waiting by her side. It was funny that she was hoping Ryan would be there, but she knew he was home. He had become more than just her friend over the past years they were together. She just didn’t know what that was. Her wish that he was here was making her pick her brain to what that was. Ilana realized that she had a major headache and some bruises on her legs. Rose explained that Ilana had used too much of her energy, but she had stopped the disease and most of the sickly were almost healed. They were sleeping and gaining strength back as they spoke. Rose also explained that they had kept the promise of returning her home. She was on a ship just outside of her planet. As soon as Ilana ate something, they were going to land. She knew that her people would already know that they were here, so she ate as fast as she could.

It they were to not be shot, Ilana had to prove that it was her. Hopefully they didn’t start shooting as soon as the doors opened, she hoped that her father wasn’t stupid enough to do that. She got the signal from one of the guards that they were opening the doors. She could see all the guns as it slowly was let down. A gasp came from many of the soldiers when they saw who was on the other side. She saw Ryan standing by Devon and her father. Devon gave her chills as he gazed at her. She caught a glimmer of anger cross his face. It made her feel good that he felt that way, it was a mutual hate. Rose had given her different clothes, ones that made her look and feel more womanly. In the past, Ilana had worn efficient clothes that didn’t show an inch of her skin except for the neck, these weren’t as efficient. Part of her stomach was shown, along with her shoulders. She despised the long sleeved shirts she normally wore.

“How do we know that it is the real you?” her father said. “I thought you might say that father. Ryan, I am going to need you to help me with this. I believe you still wear that trinket I gave you, there is an inscription on the back in case you haven’t seen it yet. The inscription was engraved by magic. It would have only been visible when you needed it the most. I believe that my actions forced it to appear, am I right? No one but you and I know what it says. If I can correctly, word for word tell you what it says, then that means I am me,” he nodded. I told them what it said. “Is that correct?” asked her father. Ryan nodded once again. “Use your words Ryan, I can’t tell if that is a yes or no.” “That is completely correct. How is that possible?” “I will explain later. All I can tell you is that the Havittaja are not the enemy.” Everyone looked at me, “They killed your mother, how does that not make them the enemy,” interrupted her father. “It wasn’t the Havittaja, it was another creature. I saw what really happened. I know you think I am crazy, but I can prove it. One of us has been using the disguising device to pretend to be someone you can trust dad,” Ilana took out the syringe, “I can prove it by using this.” Devon’s eyes slanted, “Have you gone mad?” stated her Devon as he motioned for the soldiers to capture her. “I thought you might say that.”

Ilana used the skills Ryan’s father had taught her to make it over to where her father was. She turned to Devon and quickly injected him with the syringe. Almost immediately it went into effect. She quickly moved her father away before he was harmed as the stinger came down on them as the Karisa tried to gain its balance. She could tell he hadn’t been in his true form for a while. He was out of practice, but that only lasted for a few seconds. She hoped that Ryan had been smart enough to get out of the way like she had. The Karisa was pissed and that is what she had hoped for. The more it ran on its emotions, the less it would be thinking of what to do, or at least that is what she thought might happen. Ilana might be able to outsmart him before he knew what happened. She might have the upper hand she needed to destroy him. The soldiers slowly moved in on the creature before them ready to fight.

“Stop!” Ilana yelled at the soldiers, “This is my fight, besides, I know more about this creature than you do. Whatever you do, stay away from the stinger and don’t get clawed, and for heaven’s sake, stay out of my way.” She clenched her fists as she faced the beast. Many of her people had found refuge in their homes. The soldiers hid behind the pillars, along with her father, who looked in shock. She mentally laughed at his stupid look. Ilana also gave herself a mental note that she needed to let the real Devon out. The Karsia growled at her. He didn’t like being changed without his control. Ilana had a knife on her just in case she found his weakness. The creature pounced at her with his tail. Ilana dived, quickly on her feet. They did this dance for a few minutes, each time Ilana moved before it got her. An idea spiked her mind. The creatures tail was made of the same material as the skull. If she got it to pierce its back while trying to get her, the force might just be enough to puncture and kill it before it realized what was going on. She had to get on top of it. A wire was hanging from one of the buildings. If she could get there, she could swing herself on its back, and hopefully it would be dumb enough to puncture itself.

She ran towards the building. It was a short climb that would have been dangerous without the giant Karisa trying to get her. She quickly ran up the ladder, almost falling to her death when the Karisma hit the building. The vibrations ripped the ladder off most of the hinges. It was hanging on by a thread with her hanging there. She swung herself back on top. She would have to jump to get to the wire and then climb it a way to be high enough. The ladder started to fall right as she jumped, but that was not the end. Her hands were slipping down the wire. It was now or never. She quickly put one hand it front of the other and climbed until she could use her feet for some leverage, the creature trying to get to her as she did. She used her feet to swing back and forth. She didn’t see the tail heading for her until it had pierced the wire and she came tumbling down. She was hanging onto the Karisma’s tail. She quickly got off. She used her knife to cut at its back and piss it off so that it would pierce her. The next thing she saw was the tail coming down on her with the stinger ready to kill. It pierced itself, a loud cry coming from its horrid face of fangs. It reared up and fell on its back where Ilana was. It turned into ash once it was dead.

It was Ryan who ran to find Ilana. The ash that filled the air, covered the surface like fog. It was hard to see far in front. A few of the Havittaja snapped out of their shock and ran to help him. They searched through the ashes to find Ilana. It was Ryan who heard her sarcastic remark as she walked into him, knocking him over. She had been covered in the grey ash from head to toe, but her eyes were still the same shade of blue, and full of love. They laughed at the silliness of running in to each other had been. Ryan took her hand in his, but before realizing what he was doing, he pulled her in and kissed her. He saw that she was shocked, but as he was about to make an excuse, she smiled and kissed him back. She laughed as she realized just how covered she was with the Karisma’s ashes. “Please don’t ever leave me again,” Ryan said out of the blue. ” I mean it. I can’t live without you in my life. I love you, and I will always love you until I die. You are my light in the dark,” he said with more pain in his voice than he meant for there to be. He turned his head away from her as a tear crept down his cheek. Ilana moved closer to him, taking his hand in hers. She whispered in his ear, “and Ryan you are my light,” he looked at her, “I love you too,” she said. He kissed her lightly. He whispered to her, “We should go before your father thinks you died again, nice outfit by the way. I like it.”

The world had suddenly fell into place for her. After they came out, she explained everything that had happened to her and how she found a way to save the Havittajas. Ryan was always by her side. It had taken him kissing her for Ilana to realize that she felt the same way about him. Her people had accepted the Havittajas as a friend. They came and went as freely as they wanted to. Rose frequently traded their shields for supplies only found on Ilana’s planet. Both races watched for an attack from the Krismas, but they never came. Ryan had found a communication device in Devon’s courters. The techs had found that it was broken. The only speculation was that the Karisma was trying to fix his ship while creating a plan to take over this planet. As soon as it went home, it would bring and army back. Ryan and Ilana eventually tied the knot and they became the best rulers anyone had ever seen.