Let's imagine that the world is a place made up of people, not men or women, let's not analyze gender, but people. You are a person who likes a type of person, and so far so good. But then you find that liking another type of person is a possibility. You end up finding attracted to this different type of people, and you even find someone in this environment who does you good, better than the ones you used to deal with. So what is the problem?

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Yes, this text is a reflection on the problem of homophobia. To see this situation from a different point of view, let's create an example. You live in a world where you have been told that it's normal to like brunettes (because of genetic variability or who knows what arguments they used). Until one day you meet a blonde, and you feel good about her, and you like her. But damn it, didn't they told you could only like brunettes? What now? Do you want to be with that blonde? Be with her! We need to surround ourselves with what makes us happy, and if it does you good and it's worth facing society to be with someone like that, it's something of your own.

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If you got interested in a person, it does not mean that you need to override your other options. They're people! The human being doesn't know how to look at the other as his equal. No, he looks and already sees a thousand things, makes several assumptions; and psychology explains: we need to familiarize ourselves, we want to deal with the known, even if it's completely mistaken (and here comes prejudice, to treat something that does not know as if is known). But if that thought causes problems and kills people, why not learn to deal with it?

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It shouldn't be so far the difference in this comparison (blonde/ brunette = Homo / hetero), the difference is in the eyes of society. You can actually like blondes and brunettes, but you can't like a person of the same sex, or else a good part of society will judge you. Is it right? Have you ever thought that if everyone looked at a homoaffective couple as normal (real, common, good) none of this would be discussed now? But no, it's looked at as a different way of relating. Different? It shouldn't be so different! We need to exercise equality more and allow people happiness. As long as it comes from a healthy place (which does not harm it, or harms the other), what's the problem?

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And if the media really makes people question their status (which is the argument of many people), let them wonder! To like a person of the same gender as yours shouldn't be a problem. There is still a very strong and clear prejudice about it: just look at how people treat it - as something different! They are people who like people and the psychic suffering caused... it is social! If a person is born that way or was "influenced" [by the media] (the useless argument again), it is seeking happiness and should be happy wherever it finds it. !

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By: M. Kruschewsky