1) Bring in some greenery.

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Plants are a great way to make your room feel more connected with nature and give your room a light and happy vibe. Not only that but plants are known to have mental healing properties.

2) Have a mirror or two.

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I like to have variation in my room therefore I have a long rectangle mirror essential to see my outfits of the day and a round decorative mirror above my desk for make up and to create a perception of a bigger room.

3) Fairy Lights!

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This one is my absolute favourite way to decorate my room. Fairy lights plus some greenery makes me feel like I am in another world at night. It is also very calming and dreamy.

4) Memories

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Hand up polaroids or photos or canvases with photos of friends, family and your favourite memories. Therefore if you are ever feeling down just look around and hopefully you'll smile.

5) Tapestry

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This gives your room a hippy laid back vibe which I absolutely love. It makes you feel like your are in a beach house on vacation pair it with some fairy lights and you have the perfect room!