10. Kol Mikaelson and Davina Claire

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"I was dead for ages, Davina Claire. And you smiled, and something inside of me cracked wide open. I was dead for ages Davina Claire. And only then did I feel alive again."
- Season 3, Episode 21

✧ Television Show: The Originals
✧ Portrayed by: Nathaniel Buzolic and Danielle Campbell

Kol and Davina.
Davina and Kol.

How does one begin to encompass a couple that have both died as a result of the other. (I forgot to add - spoilers! spoilers! spoilers!)

✧ Davina Claire first meets Kol in a record shop in the Season 2 episode of Rebirth and I don't know of a meeting that is more tumblr-esque than that. Their relationship has since then encountered many tumultuous turns from Kol's death and then later resurrection, to Davina's own death and then later resurrection.
This is one couple you won't be bored watching, they don't get a lot of screen time, but when they do - it's the best ♡.

✧ if interested Best Episode to watch : 3x15 and 3X21

My Collection for them ⬆️
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Their Song ♥︎ : Your Song - Serena Ryder

9.Jasmine and Crosby

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"I love you. I've always loved you. I never stopped loving you. And I don't want to live with anybody else. I know we argue all the time and we fight and I'm bossy and controlling and you're, well, you're you, but...I love our family and I want to be with you. Crosby Braverman, I want to be your wife. Will you still marry me?"
- Season 3, Episode 17

✧ Television Show: Parenthood
✧ Portrayed by: Dax Shepard and Joy Bryant

✧ No, I didn't select Jasmine and Crosby to be on the list because their son Jabbar is so cute - but he literally is. Jasmine and Crosby are an arguably less exciting choice, as they are not on a teen show, and they are married and a bit older - but as upcoming entries will show my favourite couples come a range of different shows. This couple embodied the best of interracial love - which is the ability to overcome racial differences and represent the ability of love to overcome barriers. They both propose to each other in such EPIC ways, and their offspring Jabbar is just the cutest.

✧ if interested Best Episode to watch: 3x18
✧ I don't have a collection for them - but they do appear in my:

Image by MCP ♛
Their Song ♥︎ : Make You Feel My Love - Adele

8. Carlos and Gabrielle

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Gabrielle: "Why is it other couples seem to waltz through life?" Carlos: "That's easy. You and me? We're doing a tango."
- Season 8, Episode 23

✧ Television Show: Desperate Housewives
✧ Portrayed by: Eva Longoria and Ricardo Antonio Chavira

✧ Three words:
This couple invented passion, invented compatibility and RE-invented the definition of love. The other romantic pairings on the show such as Tom and Lynette and Susan and Mike are lovely, but are stereotypically what you would see on television. BUT Gabrielle and Carlos were magic in an bottle, they were both as conniving as the other: Carlos changes her birth-control pills so she gets pregnant and Gabrielle... well she's Gabrielle every episode consists of her stressing him out. Yet they begin the first episode as a couple in an argument, and end the last episode as a stronger couple... still in an argument.

✧ if interested Best Episode to watch: 1x20, 2x18, 3x23 basically just binge the show
✧ I am in the process of constructing a collection in their honour, but until then:

00s, Desperate Housewives, and eva longoria image 00s, Desperate Housewives, and eva longoria image carlos, Housewives, and gabrielle image Image removed
Their Song ♥︎: Love The Way You Lie - Eminem feat.Rihanna

7.Clay and Quinn

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Clay: "Which brings me to my last condition. I wanna be your agent Nate but if you're going to sign with me you need to know that I plan on falling conpletely and insanely in love with Quinn."
- Season 7, Episode 12

✧ Television Show: One Tree Hill
✧ Portrayed by: Shantel VanSanten and Robert Buckley

Feels. more feels. the most feels.
You know those couples that just warm your heart. Those couples which even just the way they look at each other brings a single tear to your eye.
Clay and Quinn arrive in Season 7 to One Tree Hill - a show that already was full of such strong couples, but this couple finds a way to be genuinely sincere without coming across as rehearsed. They are best friends.
They love each other so much it hurts.
And they are just a pleasure to watch.
(The actor and actress are also best friends in real life, so it's great to see that as well)

kiss, oth, and cute image

✧ if interested Best Episode to watch: 7x12, 7x22, 8x01, 8x16, 9x12, 9x13
✧ Yes! I do have a collection for them, and it is actually one of my best couple collections:

Temporarily removed couple and oth image one tree hill and peyton soyer image one tree hill and clinn image
Their Song ♥︎: Never Stop - Safetysuit // Brooklyn - Wakey!Wakey!

6. Kenna and Bash 😩

Mature image
"Trust me, your heart is complicated. It's like one of those drinks at Christmas with too much spice. Nutmeg and ginger and cinnamon and cloves. But what can I say? I've developed a taste for spice. I can't imagine doing without it."
- Season 2, Episode 13

✧ Television Show: Reign
✧ Portrayed by: Torrance Coombs and Caitlin Stasey

cries in a corner😭😭😭
This is the first couple on my list to NOT be endgame.
Oh, the writers messed with this pairing so bad!!!

They had soo much potential.
I can't even put it into words.
It hurts to think or talk about it.

✧ if interested Best Episode to watch: 1x17, 1x19, 1x22, 2x13
✧No, they don't have their own collection but they are in:

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Their Song ♥︎: Burn - Ellie Goulding

5. Mary and Henry

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"Marriage should be equal. It has nothing to do with position or money. Simply that a couple should be equal in both strength and passion."
- Series 6, Episode 8

✧ Television Show: Downton Abbey
✧ Portrayed by: Michelle Dockerey and Matthew Goode

✧ I know. I know. This is not the couple everyone ships from Downton Abbey. I know Matthew and Mary were destined for each other. I know he's 'an oily race car driver.'
But to me.
This relationship was great.
There were some things I didn't like, like how he ended up pursuing her like all the other guys when I wanted her to chase for once. And also I would've preferred their proposal to happen in a pretty garden.
But I still love them. Love their dynamic. Love how attractive they look together.

✧ If interested Best Episode to watch: 5x09, 6x06, 6x08, 6x09
✧ Yes! I have a collection for them:

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Their Song ♥︎: Style - Travis Ateo (cover)

4. Monica and Chandler

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Monica: Well, anyway, I just,that night meant a lot to me, I guess I'm just trying to say thanks.
Chandler: Oh. Y’know, that night meant a lot to me too, and it wasn't because I was in a bad place or anything, it just meant a lot to me ‘cause, you’re really hot! Is that okay?

✧ Television show: Um... seriously???
✧ Portrayed by: do you live under a rock ???

✧ He called her fat.
She cut his baby toe off during Thanksgiving.
A romantic pairing to rival any other.

They're funny together, they were a refreshing change from the Ross and Rachel drama - and of course it's Monica and Chandler 💃🏾

✧ If interested: just grab your FRIENDS boxset and binge the whole show

chandler bing, Courteney Cox, and funny image
Their Song ♥︎: Are you Gonna kiss me or not - Thompson Square

...to be continued
(upcoming Top 3 Favourite TV Couples)