Where to buy bikinis in Australia

"Bikinis speak louder than words."

September 25, 2017

As it is starting to get real hot in Australia and going to the beach is at its best around this time, I've decided to write a list of shops were you can buy swimwear!
I've been researching all night to find a cheap store and I found one this morning... I know researching can be lame but it is definitely worth it in the long run!
This list is going to be from expensive to least expensive. Hope you Aussies or other wonderful people enjoy!

1) Seafolly

So when I was researching I came across Seafolly. Omg do they have spicy bikinis in stock. I mixed and matched on this website which sadly came up to over $200 for a really pretty blue top and black high waisted shorts.
There a many stores especially in Melbourne which is great because it only takes me under 10 mins to reach an outlet!
I was going to get something from Seafolly but it is way out of my budget which is actually really disappointing for me.

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2) Osmosis

Osmosis is another go to for many people, as the store name clearly says pure water. Ozmosis sells mainly: Billabong, O' Neil, Seafolly and Rip curl swimwear.

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3) Myer

When I was at the shops looking for cocktail dresses, I came across adorable bikinis. The week later I took my mum down and she said they look like they are for old ladies.. they took down the stock for the teens / young adults... So if you want a bikini from Myer I would suggest buy it offline instead of in stores as they keep changing their stock.
Once again the main product of bikinis they sell are: Seafolly

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4) Surf Dive 'n' Ski

Surf Dive 'n' ski sell mainly Billabong and a few Seafolly. This store does have beautiful bikinis / swimwear but they can end up expensive due to the top may be $199 and the pants could be $80. The good news is that it's another local store to majority of Aussies!

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5) Rip Curl

Rip Curl is another fantastic shop, not only for bikinis but for surfing general. Their bikinis range from $35 - $99. Even though they may not look as spicy as Seafolly's they are still pretty. If you're flat chested they do have a few that can cover your chest, but if you still want the triangle ones they have ton of them!

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6) Forever 21

Can I just say one thing? OMG THEY HAVE AMAZING BIKINIS FOR UNDER $30!
This store has literally everything I had on my bikini list! High waisted shorts and floral / tropical designs!
The most expensive thing is $29.90! That's a steal if I don't say so myself! These bikinis and one pieces are legit goals!!
If you're familiar with my WHI content if you haven't noticed yet but there's actually a Forever 21 model that has a bikini on... :

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7) Target and Kmart

Your local shops will have some in stock. In Kmart they have really pretty bikini tops for $12 but they do have some weird sizing. You might disagree with me but from all of my experience and my friends experiences we've never had luck with them.
Target is a great one for all sizes, as they range from real skinny people to maternity people! It's so great to see Target take that into consideration.

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I hope this article has helped everyone a ton! From my research to your screens!
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See you next time,