Before you start reading this article, I want to warn you that my main language is not English it's French. Be indulgent to me, I did my best to correct myself.

Hello hearters,
Today I come back with an other article. I decided to give you my tips for having good grades at school. In my case, I love school (don’t hate me ahah) and I do anything to have good grades. School is very important for me same if it’s boring sometimes! School is your future. I hope my article will help you and I wish you a good year at school.

Tip # 1 :
I think good grades come with motivation and more you would more you will succeed. So keep motivated all the time it makes a difference. In my case, the way I keep motivated is being positive on everything you do and having a cute planner, night routine...

Tip # 2 :
All girls love planners, pencils… Cute stuff will help you in your organization and more you are organized more you will be ready for important exams... Grades come with a good organization because you will be ready for all those exams/tests that you suppose to have in your planner to don’t miss them.

Tip # 3 :
At school, I try to be the more concentred that I can, I know it’s hard but you will more understand because you focus on only one thing for a moment. Forget distraction it’s not important.

Tip # 4 :
Each night I spend literally more than 2 hours for studying, homeworks… If you want good grades, you must do your homeworks because it’s a preparation for the exam and most of the times teacher try to put the same thing in the exam (for me they do that sometimes) and it gives you a big chance. :)

Tip # 5 :
When You study or you doing your homework, forget your phone or all distraction near of you or just put them off.

Before I end this article I just want to warn you that I will do a ‘’How I organize my planner for school’’ make sure you follow me to don’t miss this article. I will do that soon as a can!
If you have any questions, come in private and I will be happy to answer you shortly. If you have school tips or… to share with me come also in private and share them with me, I'm curious to know your tips!

There you go guys! now you are ready to success at school. I wish you good luck for all your exams/tests this year and don’t give up, later you will tank yourself.
Thank you for reading my article, see you soon! :)

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Paméla xx