Dear Melissa,

Firstly, I miss you. Yet I’d never tell you that because you and me both know that I don’t deal well with emotions or opening up in any sort of way. I guess that’s why I’m trying to do this whole letter thing, I know you won’t read it because you’re not really the biggest reader but.

I’m so excited for you to come down and see little mix with me, yet I’m scared that you’ll judge the way that I live or the fact that we don’t really have money at the best of times and that’s why our cooker door is broken or the reason we don’t have a shower. Although, I know you won’t say anything to my face about it, I’m scared you’ll go away and tell people that I’m not all what I make out to be because I know I’m not. What everyone see’s of me is the things that I only want people to see. Even you.

We’ve been friends since we were 15 and yet I’m still too afraid to open up and I’m not really sure why. I don’t know if it’s because of the friends I’ve had in the past and I just don’t really see the point of opening up to yet another person if we’ll eventually drift apart and I’ll never talk to you again. I’m just glad that for now, we can call each other best friends and hopefully it’ll stay like that.

Love, Katie.