I'm totally behind on this challenge by a day or two, but it just slipped my mind and I forgot all about it whilst drowning in the craziness of this weekend. So, we're on day two!

I'm thankful for my friends & family. [My cat is my family too, okay?]
Thankful for the internet, even though it can be a real shit show.
Thankful for most of the social media platforms because they've helped me find most of the amazing friends I have today, and people I've looked up to for years now.
I'm thankful for every historical figure who did good in the past and actually made a good difference.
I am thankful for tv shows. Gave me something to do and help myself escape from my tortured reality, and when I was ever feeling anything but good it helped me get my mind off of my own problems.
I'm thankful for all the lessons I learned from everyone, including the bad influences who've stumbled into my life.
The list of things, events, and people to be thankful for is never ending.