"This is real, this is me!"

I'm not gonna tell you my name. The fifteen day challenge sounds great, and on the first day, you're supposed to tell about yourself. You're supposed to show people who you are, but right now, I don't who that is. I don't know who that girl is, or who she's become. When I look at myself in the mirror, I'm not the same girl that I was one year ago, or two years ago.
Today, I am a teenage girl.
I HATE HATE HATE how stereotypical it all is...they say that your teen years are your confused years, and in January, I could tell you exactly who I was! I could tell what my college major would be, where I would live, and what I would be doing in 5 years.
That's not the case anymore. So, instead of telling you who I am, I'm gonna tell you about the girl I wanna be, or use to be, because I rarely see her, but I know she's there. Watch, she's about to take over this keyboard.
Things to know about the girl I wanna be
1) She is selfless. She never gives more thought to herself than she does to others. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to everyone she meets. She isn't proud, well too proud anyway. She isn't boastful either. She is love, and we all know what love is

[insert that bible quote about how "love is patient and how love is kind"...you know, that sweet and poetic one]

2) She is not afraid. She is not afraid of anyone or anything. Death does not shake her nor instill fear within her. If anything scares her, its love. Yes, love. I wanna be afraid of loving someone, yet I wanna love someone sooo bad someday. She is free. No limits, and no one holds her down.

3) She is opinionated, and does her own little thing. She admits she's wrong when she's wrong, even though it annoys her more than anything. She has her own voice and ensures that it is heard.

4) Time is her friend. Time is her enemy. She takes no one for granted, and appreciates all that she has, and all that she is.

5) She is happy. More than anything, she is happy. Of all the things I want to be, I want to be happy. I wanna wake up in the morning and smile, and mean it. When people ask her, " How are you, really?" she sais "yes" and she means it. There is no heavy weight on her, her chest doesn't burn. Her body doesn't ache. She's just happy.
Happy is damn underrated.

Ironically, this song reminds me of my article.

9/24/17 xx Lunerija

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