So..... I don't know how to say hi without this article getting awkward, so yeah i'm just gonna leave the hi thingy
At first, this idea just comes up when i was just eating my breakfast consist of a bunch of an unhealthy stuffs except milk obviously. I was just alone eating and just start writing what's on my thoughts right now, and then suddenly this idea come popping maybe because i just watch a movie called "Diana" last night. Did you guys ever heard about it ?

From "Diana" , there's this scene where her therapist said
"You hang on to the idea of love. 'Cause you're so good at giving love. So you keep on giving. The hard part is receiving love."

That gives me goosebumps, because it means that she gives love so generously without a doubt but she can't recieve it. That's the sad part.
And out there, there are so many people like her, they give love so generously, they will come whenever you need help and give you a life advices when you're feeling down, but sometimes the love they always try to give is the one they always want to get but can't.
This movie give me some deep impression about the other side of love and how we can't forget to recieve love. Especially for ourself.