All my life, to be quite honest, I have never been in love. Not in love like you read in the book, the in love which you want to be with that person like you want a blanket in the cold. I see people fall in love so fast I wonder if they have ever fallen in love with other things.

Have they ever felt in love with the sky? When you wake up in the morning, mad that is is too early, and the sun kisses your skin to remind you that you don't always need a human to give you a warm hug. Or have they ever fell in love with their pet when they wiggle their tails, as nothing could make them happier than having you in their life. I wonder if they ever fell in love with a book when you end up feeling just like the heroine and catch mimicking her as you read she takes a deep breath.

I wonder if they ever fell in love with themselves without having to prove it by having someone in love with them.

I can't say I know much about being in love, but I know a few. I know how much I can love things, how much I can be passionate about other things. Maybe the universe is telling me I should be in love with me more before letting me love other humans.

But I know what love is, maybe not the complete romantic one, but I know that love is a feeling that cross meaning, and that it is okay not being in love.

So about me not being in love, people are wrong, because every time I wake up, I fell in love with the sun and every time I go to bed, I fell in love with the stars.

And I hope you do too.