Hi guys, i´m back with another article! Today i was thinking about garden parties and how cool they are with this British vibe. So, i had an idea: make an article with outfits, like a lookbook, for a garden party!

So, let´s begin:

flowers and fashion image

Romantic, classic and so pretty! this dress is perfect for this occasion! it´s white and clean, the roses give the romantic feeling. You will never go wrong with this one!

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"who is she? she looks fabulous! i don´t know what i´m feeling, cause she is just with a white dress and black accessories... but have this transparency, in the same time, the dress have this cuties ruffles!" this, darling, is what people will talk! you know, this dress is for a woman very confident but mysterious, feminine but fearless!

bridal, princess, and romantic image

So you will be the hostess? and you want something magical? honey, this dress is for you! "but, Milla, i will look like a bridal!" don´t be afraid, baby! everything you need is some colorful accessories, like a nice (but small) hat!

colours, dress, and fashion image

fresh, fun sexy and romantic in the same time! i really like this dress, if you are a funny girl and don´t want a girly dress but want something more romantic without appearing cute, i think this one is your dress, dear!

dress and fashion image

but, if you don´t want a long dress but wants look like a modern princess, you will fall in love for this one as much as me!

fashion, Couture, and style image

it girl, this one is for you! Another short, this dress talks for himself like "i´m a fashionable girl, i´m different and you can´t stop looking at me!" do you like it? wear it!

Temporarily removed

the Dior lady! do you want to use black? or just don´t like pink? this one is for you! i love this dress cause it´s so different but have these pretty flowers!

Okay guys, this is all! in the end of this article i´m more obsessed with this idea and i need drink some tea in a beautiful garden in the UK right now! lol.

well, i hope you guys has liked this article as much as me and i can´t wait to come back with another crazy idea!

love you all!