Love is in the hair.

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Well, not too much.

Everybody says that you have to meet your half orange, feel breathless in front of those eyes, talk about him or her with an amazing emotion... you know, that is how it goes in the films.

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But, sorry people, this is not a film.

In a most realistic way, a majority of the internet poblation is very, very, very alone. And the many of us hear that word like a terrifying sentence, the worst thing that an human being can have in their sentimental currículum.

I'm here to say a simply answer for those poisonous thoughts:

—Ale, fifteen years old, 2k17.
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"Why?" could be the common question.

Another answer, mon chér:

You have yourself, and that is the first and most important love that you should make bloom in your mind and heart.
—Ale, fifteen years old, 2k17.
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Please don't do this, I'm trying to do a good article, seriously.

Love yourself is very difficult. For me, let in the table the idea of loving someone new and put in first place my name... wow, it has been a complicated road. Look to yourself in the mirror and say an honest, genuine
compliment, is like a fight with all those negative thougths. The same thougths tha are drowning up our self-steem since we were children.

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But, honey, you will raise and win this fight.

Look for those beautiful memories about your goals, the good flowers shining inside your soul, the adventures that you want to hold on in the heart and the beautiful words that you have said and the incredible things that you can create with those hands of gold. That is what matter in the end of the day.

You matter.

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The amour-prope have a spiny travel with mean people, falls, mistakes, tears and some inner collapses, yes.

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But in a positive tumble, those sad stuff is part of the life and makes you stronger. You can be like a phoenix every day.

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Go to the mirror, look in those enchanting eyes, and say ten precious things about your body, mind and soul. Beat the bad thoughts, you can.

And, please, pleeeaaase, love yourself.

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—With love and a property apology for my bad english, Alejandra.