I tend to be a person who really enjoys music because of my family, I grew up with parents who were into sort of everything from national argentinian rock to 80's and 90's, to even bands from today.

I always wanted to give suggestions on music so here we go, hope you like it <3:

precious - depeche mode

things get damaged, things get broken
I thought we'd manage. but words left unspoken
left us so brittle, there was so little left to give

depeche mode image black and white, book, and autumn image heart, red, and neon image depeche mode image

two more minutes - jaymes young

and all the days in between
you're still my drug of choice
the figure of my dreams...

stone, tied down, and feel something image blackandwhite, dark, and Darkness image forest, nature, and tree image tumblr, young, and jaymes image

casual affair - panic! at the disco

stay for as long as you have time
so the mess that we'll become
leaves something to talk about

brendon urie, panic! at the disco, and P!ATD image flowers, rose, and black and white image city, light, and new york image aesthetic, alternative, and b&w image

overgrown - oh wonder

i never get high when you're feeling low
i'm pulling down stars just to make you glow
it's just the way you are when you're overgrown
and in the middle of the night when you're own
i'm chasing down a light in the indigo
it's just the way you are when you're overgrown
and i will never let you go

black and white, couple, and music image Image removed black and white, photo, and photography image oh wonder image

ten tonne skeleton - royal blood

where did you go?
where did you run?
I can't erase what you've done

duo, music, and rock image black, hand, and blood image bruise, hand, and grunge image lights out and royal blood image

fake it - bastille

oh my lover, my lover, my love
we can never go back
we can only do our best to recreate
don't turn over, turn over the page
we should rip it straight out
then let's try our very best to fake it

Image by Alice Lo Presti Image by elena ゚✧ book, write, and writing image bastille, dan smith, and kyle simmons image

the fear - lily allen

forget about guns and forget ammunition
'cause i'm killing them all on my own little mission

lily allen image hate, smoke, and fear image black, grunge, and anti-you image lily allen image

paradise - ellie goulding

i heard you crying out in your sleep
i see that look you save for me
i pull you back upon your feet
i know you always need something more...

Ellie Goulding image window, black and white, and view image shoes, boots, and black image Ellie Goulding image

24 floors - the maine

"you don't wanna die tonight
take one more breath to clear your mind
every moment's relevant
bittersweet and delicate
tomorrow may not come again."

band, kennedy, and music image flowers, rose, and black and white image ae and sb image the maine, band, and music image

prisoner - the weeknd ft lana del rey

i'm a prisoner to my addiction
i'm addicted to a life that's so empty and so cold

the weeknd, starboy, and xo image rose, pink, and fire image blackandwhite, photography, and lake image lana del rey, lana, and singer image