Hello everyone!

I just watched my first ever movie from 50s and I'm amazed! Yes, It was Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Breakfast at Tiffany's, audrey hepburn, and movie image

So I decided that I'm gonna start 50s movies chalenge - that mean that from now I'm gonna watch a movie from 50s per day... Until I get bored or I watched them all

audrey hepburn, audrey, and vintage image

If you find this challenge interesting I call you to join me to enjoy together!

grease, John Travolta, and love image vintage, car, and diner image vintage, 50s, and black and white image grease, couple, and movie image

Also If you have any suggestion what I shoud watch next please comment under below or send me a message.

xoxo Texx ♥♥