Chocolate kisses all around. It's Valentines and you are no where to be found. You broke my heart everyday of the week. I was stupid and look where it got me. I'm so wound up in your spider web it took a machete to cut me down. I fell so deep in that trap of yours.

I was weak and foolish. Willing to trust this heart of mine, but even it lied. Now who am I supposed to trust, the Easter Bunny? He gives out chocolates too, just like you did long ago. I think I will call up my girlfriends and we will have some fun.

Every year why is it so that I find myself all alone on this night of all nights? Not a one Valentines was I ever happy. Always alone. My heart got use to it.

Year after year the pain slowly died, only numbness remains inside. A deep hole in my heart that can never be patched up again. This year I'm not going to cry over you, instead, I think I will have some fun, and we'll see how you like me then.

*Written in 2010. Poem 4.