Hey guys, it's the Brooklyn baby here and this is my first post. I am SO excited. I get told a lot that I have a pretty good music taste, so I decided my first article should be a few playlists for whatever mood you are in. Of course you can listen to these whenever you please, but I just prefer to listen to these depending on what mood I'm in. Hopefully you guys enjoy this!

Playlist #1: Happy
I listen to this when I'm home alone and just feel like dancing, when I'm in the car, or when I'm with my friends!

Playlist #2: Sad
I listen to this basically whenever I am feeling down about anything.

Playlist #3: Angry
I listen to this when I'm pissed off and angry, it helps me get my anger out.

I hope you guys enjoyed that. I might do an updated version, if people like this. Stay tuned for more articles and have a great day. XOXO the Brooklyn baby