ahh best friends.
They are only people that can make us smile when everything is wrong. And that is one of many reasons why we love them and they love us. But things aren't always pretty.

Sadly, I have experienced few really bad moments with my best friend but everything turned out fine, but that is not why I'm writing this article.
I am here bucause something really bothers me... and it's about my best friend.
You can probably see from my profile photo, that I am a girl. And as soon as you started reading this you thought:
"Okay, her best friend is a bitch to her."
or something like that, but no. I'm trying to tell you my best friend is a guy. And that is normal to us (maybe you think it's not or it bothers you, sorry if it does). The point is he got a girlfriend a few months back and they broke up a week ago. He was really sad for few days but as soon as he felt a bit better, she started texting him againg, asking him for another chance. A nice guy he is, he agreed to meet and talk.

You know those post on Facebook and instagram, about girls who try to keep their female best friends away from a fuckboy she dated?
It is excacly like that, but with a boy and a fuckgirl (=a whore/bitch). And it bothers me that only guy are marked as fuckboys since there is so many girls that do the same and aren't even noticed. Because honestly, girls are cold hearted bitches who don't care about guy's emotions and only tanke care for their own asses and no one seems to care.

Thank will be enough anger for one post, thank you for reading my complaining :)

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xx Gaia