Hello stranger,
My name is Laura and today I´m here to talk about what´s happening to me.
First of all I´m not here to influence someone or do something like this. I just want to say what I´m thinking because if I don´t I might drown in my thoughts.
So, you know those days when you feel sad but you don´t have a solid reason to be sad? Like you just are, for no reason? That´s kind of what is happening to me.
It´s not that I´m complaining about the world because of nothing but it´s because of that little things that happen on our day by day that makes us feel like garbage.
This might be a little confuse so let me explain my life story of this year...
Well, since I was a little child I´ve always studied at the same school (I live in Brazil) but I was so fucking tired of doing the same shit every day of my life that I decided to change and move to a new school, where I´m studying right now. So the first bimester in my new school was awesome! I thought "Oh my godness! I finally found my home, my friends, my life. That´s just perfect" But then I started to realize everything that I have done for the past few years were nothing. It was like I had wasted fifteen years of my life. You know why I felt this way? Because my old friends started to become just old friends they didn´t seem like they missed me or that I was important for them. Everytime we see each other we say we need to hang out more but you know we never do. That really brought me down. I fucking miss them so much that is hard to see that they don´t need me anymore...
Anyways, I should be happy with my new friends, right? Wrong. Well, I love them so much but at the same time I feel they´re so empty, you know? Like our chats and conversations are great but they seem to care so much about they´re looking or what the fuck they think that I can´t feel comfortable or even pretty when I´m around them. That makes me really sad. Mainly because they always seem to be prettier or smarter than me.
And it´s there where my problems started, I´m going to tell you guys the rest of the story on the next post.
thanks for reading my thoughts, strangers.
Sorry for the bad english.