aquarius ♒ jennie kim

she's very dedicated, and looks very badass but actually she's just a shy child one the inside. also the most chic girl ever.

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pisces ♓ kim taeyeon

taeyeon said she hate being alone but at the same time wants to be alone. she's very quiet but very noisy when she's with her friends.

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aries ♈ bae joohyun

she is known for her head-turning beauty and her intimidating, yet charismatic appearance. she's insecure and a flexible person.

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taurus ♉ ahn heeyeon

she is never pretentious and not coy with other people. she's very beatiful, loudly and has a nice personality.

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gemini ♊ hwang eunbi

sinb might looks like a person who doesn't like to talk, but actually she's very noisy.

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cancer ♋ yoo shiah

her hobbies are: having time alone and listening to music. yooa is known for her small, doll-like face. she's very sensitive but also very sexy!

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leo ♌ shin hyejeong

she's very shy but is more talkative once you get to know her. she's also very confident, charmful and a silly puppy.

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virgo ♍ im nayeon

she has a unique personality. she is cheerful and she always tries to stay positive. she is loud and she is the light of the group most of the time.

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libra ♎ meng meiqi

she is the cheriest of wjsn and likes clothes and photos. she said she's the most sexy but is also can be cute.

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scorpio ♏ kim ah young

she's very lively, cheerful and positive. game girl, strong appetite and her speciality is to be lovely.

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sagitarius ♐ kwon yuri

she likes to cry but she also likes to tease everyone, a prankster girl! she's a happy virus and likes to make things clean.

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capricorn ♑ minatozaki sana

she is the clumsiest out of all the members. when sana speaks to others she tilts down her head and listens carefully. she's a puppy!

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