Hello there!
I got to say that this is one of my favorite challenges! I'm absolutely in love with this idea since I just love to travel, I mean, who doesn't? It's silly of me to even say that. xP

Day 8: Make A List Of Your Favorite Destinations

1. London

Alright, so, I guess that this one is a total cliche, but in my defense, I don't want to visit London for Big Ben or London Eye. (although, I'd never miss out on those things, I'd run to them) The Diagon Aley is what I'm drawn to haha! Potterhead for life!

Also, I like their heritage and culture. I don't know, ever since I was a kid I dreamed of going to London.

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All the british people are probably rolling eyes right now :'D

2. Alaska

Alright, the nature of this place and the flora and fauna just fascinates me and idk, it just seems soo peaceful and like a perfect getaway from the though life and all the stress. Maybe I'm looking at it too much from the tourist side, but hey, I live too far from there to not be like that. x)

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Soo, soo beautiful...

3. New York

C'mooon! Who doesn't love New York? Although it's a little messy city, it's beautiful and has soo many interesting places and so many types of people. I'd go to Central park, to see Statue of Liberty, some cute coffee shop and Brooklyn bridge and Brooklyn for sure! Oh and subway! I consider it one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. Not to mention that two of my favorite TV shows were filmed there. ( Gossip Girl and Sex & the City

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4. Venice

This city has such a romantic and old-fashioned aura that I'm just in love with it. It's gorgeous. I hope that the architects will find some way to stop it from sinking. C'mon, it's stupid to let a beautiful city like that to sink. If they could learn to build fake islands, they can do something to stop the city from sinking!

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5. Amsterdam

The pictures say it all!

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And that would be it for this one!
I'd add some more, but I have one more similar challenge, soo...

Until tomorrow!

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