Harry Potter's secret for success was:
▪️ the story doesn't happen in a completely independent paralel world
▪️ having Muggle children allowed in Hogwarts is just brilliant

Rowling created Hogwarts so that any child has the possibility of attending - and that makes it completely relatable!
It’s not like Percy Jackson where kids need to have a parent who is a God (is one of your parents a God? No? Tough luck, you're not getting into Camp Half Blood) or Narnia (only 8 chosen ones are allowed to visit the kingdom).

In Harry Potter, hundreds of normal children go to Hogwarts - not to mention hundreds and hundreds of others in magic schools across the world - and they don’t need to be special in any way. Lots and lots of normal kids with no special talents are allowed, they just receive the letter and off they go!

harry potter, hogwarts, and Letter image

I think it’s brilliant, because kids in real life will read the books and think: “This could be me! There are Muggle Born wizards like Hermione – and Hermione is even the best of the entire school!”

So I think that Harry's Potter brilliance is associated with its relatability.

Do you agree?