Every 18 minutes somebody dies from a suicide.
Every 43 seconds somebody attempts one

A few months ago, it visted a funeral of a girl who died because of suicide.
I watched the coffin. A coffin which has somebody in it, at the same time nobody in it. She's gone. Forever.
Many people are crying, trying to hold back their tears. How do people do this? How do you survive a loss?
It made me think. Think about death, suicide, losses, funerals...
They are so many people struggling right now, without anybody noticing.
And maybe it is you. You, the one reading this.
Maybe you fight, with and for your life. Being torn apart by many emotions.. knocked down lower than you have ever been before. Begging your pain would go away.
But I want you to go through that pain. I want you to go through it and I want you to make it. I want you to get the chance that girl didn't get. I don't want you being buried. I don't wanna think about your parents who won't be able to get therselves back together.
I want you to fight. Fight untill it gets better.
And I know that there are only a few words that hit you.
But I want you to let you know that it is possible. And the only thing I can do for you is saying what I hope. I can't change you. I can't fight against your depression, against your dead. You have to do it yourself.
But at least I can say that your are worth it. It is worth it.
You think there's nothing left to give, you lose your hope you lose your breath. You remember every regret. If you give up now, you'll never know that:

Everything will be okay, everything will be alright
Say a prayer, close your eyes:
Please just give it one more night.

One more night.....

You are enough.