Day 7: Write An Article About Something That You Find Interesting

So, I thought about what I should write for this challenge and it wasn't easy. Although I like a lot of things and Am the kind of person that just throws random things at people, it was as if my mind was suddenly completely blank. x)

One interesting text came to my mind. I googled it for my story and I was seriously intrigued by what I read and now I want to share it with you. :)

The Lost City Of Heracleion

Alright, so this city Thonis or Heracleion was an ancient city in Egypt. Greeks called it Heracleion and Egyptians called it Thonis. The city was mentioned in few texts but nothing serious that would prove that it's not just a myth. No one had proof that it existed. So, of course, the archeologists searched for it.

Since, the city of Thonis was a city near Alexandria and was near the sea, it was one of the greatest cities of international trade in ancient Egypt. It was also, according to myths of course, a place where Paris of Troy got arrested for abducting Helen. Pretty cool, right? Also, the Greeks believed that the Heracles himself visited it, so that's why they called it Heracleion.

It was a city from 12th century BC and I have to tell you that it was pretty impressive. The archeologists found coins, ships, temple, ruins, statues etc... Google it for those awesome pictures and videos. They still didn't discover the whole city but it's really fascinating. Who knows, maybe the next discovery will be city of Atlantis?

Just imagine what they can find there!

Hope you liked this article!
Until tomorrow!

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