the catch
no one tells you that love has a catch.
we all assume everything has a catch but no, not love, love wouldn't- shouldn't have a catch. love is the reason we rip every morsel of ourselves out of bed each morning even if we feel like shit.
love has a catch because
when you loose them...
world is swept right under your bare aching feet.
and it feels like someone just clawed out your heart threw it in a blender and put it on high.
and then they come crawling back for an apology like we did something wrong
but love, love has a purpose
it's purpose is to make us learn a lesson of not depending on someone when you thought you'd never- ever loose them.
no, but love can be a bitch-
a backstabbing bitch that you thought you could trust....
but we learn to trust no one because it's easier not to trust than to be obliterated by three word that can tear us apart piece by piece.
but the catch is-
when you think
nothing at all can obliterate your love for them
that nothing can tear you two away,
that every single blip from your timeline happens for a reason
and that they were your reason to exist in this timeline

they leave.
and hun, that's when you know you have fallen in love.
because sometimes God will give you exactly what you wanted just to show you it's not what you needed after all.