Hi everybody, I want share with you guys some titles of my favorites video games. I try explain why this games are so amazing and why i love them so much. And sorry for mistakes in this article, english isn't my orginal language. I also must write some article for my english lessons, so i think something like that can be good practice ;)

# 1 Devil May Cry series

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Look at this two handsome guys. Actually it is a same character. On left Dante from DMC 4 and on the right is a Dante from DMC 3, which is a prequel of series.

So what is this game about?
Basically is about hot, white haired,half demon, that fight with evil creatures. And well, for now it all what you must to know. Plot have here second place, for me always most important in devil may cry series were gameplay.
Which is absolutley amazing!! it is fast, spectalucar and awesome.
Really, you can fight with true style. But what I love the most in this series is characters. Dante is one of my favorite characters ever, but his brother Vergil, his two hot friends Trish, Lady and young Nero also amazing, best descripcion of them is just too cool for being real.

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Don't worry there are also some hot girls in this game.

OK so how many games there are? And at what platform I can play in them?
So in main series there are four games. First three of them came out on playstation 2, third game also came out on PC as Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, in this edition most important change is that you can play not only as Dante but also as his twin brother Vergil. Now all three games came out as one trilogy in Devil May Cry HD Colection, it is avilable to play in this trilogy on PS3, Xbox 360 and now you can buy it on Steam. Personally i played in PS3 version.

And what I can say about first three games. Well they are awsome. In internet most of people say that third game was the best, yes it was cool but my favorite in this trilogy always will be first game, and i even not sure why. So Devil May Cry 1 and 3 are awesome, but what with second game? Well for some random action game it was really good, but for game in Devil May Cry franchise it was too easy. Really this series is famous for Must Die mode which is extremaly hard. But in DMC 2 even I with no problem was able to play in this mode. Also all ambience was totally diferent, Dante act not like him, he was just too sad, also instead of Trish, second main character was Lucia,and let's just say that she wasn't best character in franchise, for me she was little anoying. But still this game is worth to try.

Image by Yana
Dante from DMC3

Fourth game came out on PC,PS3 and Xbox 360. Special edition that contains Vergil,Trish and Lady as playable characters came out on PC (Steam), XONE and PS4. Fun fact: Trish was also playable character in DMC2, after beat game on hard (or normal mode, I'm not sure ._.). This game is also really great, actually is my favorite game of all series. Why? It easy, because in this game i can see my favorite trio of demon hunter togheter, of course i talking about Dante, Trish and Lady (not for too long but still it is better than nothing).

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Best team ever!!! Dante and his girls, blonde one is Trish and chick with dark hair is Lady.

But also this game is a little different than other, mostly because most part of game you play as Nero, not Dante. But don't worry Nero is really handsome young man, he is different than Dante but still he match to DMC series, and it is very easy to like him (well for me).
So four games it's a lot, but this still this is not all of them.

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This is Nero, main protagonist in DMC4

Fans of DMC gone mad when reboot of series come out, and i understand them, it was completly different game. Dante look like not him (his white hair disapired), Vergil also was someone that fan of old games doesn't know, and Trish and Lady just disappear. But still DmC is great game, I know what haters say but still it awsome and i say it as big fan of old games. Everything is still cool,ok, it is different, but still cool. New Dante is asshole, but during game i really had feeling that he change and at the end he become more mature person.
Rebbot (but some people say that this is spinoff) is known as DmC, it came out on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Special edition is avilable on PS4, XONE and PC.
There also is DLC to DmC game, where main character is Dante twin brother- Vergil.
And I really must say something, in internet a lot of people say this is Devil may cry 5, well it isn't, this game have nothing to do with old timeline, also it isn't DMC3 prequel (i heard that opinion too),
in old games Dante was half human and half demon, in DmC his parents are demon and angel. So for me DmC is reboot of series or just stand alone game with the same title.

angel, Dante, and dmc image
New Dante with angels. In DmC he is half demon and half angel.

This is main series and one spin off, but you can still meet Dante in other places:
1. Marvel vs Capcom. Dante and Trish are avilable as playable characters. In Ultimate version of this game you can also play as Vergil.
2.Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne: Fiend Race I'm not play in this game yet so i can't say anything about this.
3.Project X Zone, it's just one big crossover game, for Nintendo 3DS.
4. Anime series, it just have 12 epidoses, for me it is great show. But some people say that it wasn't very good, because it don't follow all plot for games. But i think it is really worth to check out. My all adventure with DMC started with this anime, so even if you don't played in any games, you still can watch this show, and I'm pretty sure that you will understend everything.

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Dante, Deadpool and Amaterasu. They all in Marvel vs Capcom 3

But what about plot chonology, it isn't very compicated, but still i want to mention about it.
DMC3, DMC1, (anime series), DMC4, DMC2
DmC is not in this time line.

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All Dantes, from left: DMC1,DMC2,DMC3, DMC4 and anime Dante!!

So for now this is all. This is just my opinion, I hope that after read this article someone just try this amazing series.
And here you have some links where you can buy some of Devil May Cry Games. There are really good prices, so check it out! Also did i should continue with article like this? Comment and say what you think about it!!

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