Hi! This is my first article, and I love to watch movies, so I thought: why not share my opinion with you? So here it is! And if you haven't seen any of these movies please watch them, you won't regret it.
(These aren't in any order)


clown, it, and Stephen King image it and pennywise image
I haven't seen the first movie nor read the book, so I had cero expectations from the movie, but man, it was amazing! It wasn't that scary but the story is so good, I'm going to buy the book because I can't wait until the next movie.


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Panic. Anxiety. That was all I felt when I saw Dunkirk. This movie is so amazing. You know, some people told me they didn't understood the plot, but there's nothing to understand. This movie tells multiple stories about the war and the desperation the soldeirs and citizens had. And to be completely honest, I saw the movie because of Harry (come on it's a good reason) and i have cero regrets. I loved the movie.

Spider-man: Homecoming

spiderman, tom holland, and peter parker image tom holland image
One of the reasons I loved this movie was that it wasn't the typical spider-man movie where you get to see how he got his powers and then gets the girl, it was the opposite! The intro was amazing, I didn't expected that. I don't want to say much about the movie, it was amazing overall: it had action, comedy, romance, a perfect combination. If you haven't seen it go watch it NOW.

Wonder Woman

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wonder woman, chris pine, and love image
When the movie was over I felt so empowered, I really did. Gal Gadot was perfect for the roll, I can't imagine someone else fiting for it. I really have no words of how amazing this movie is. If you have seen it you get me. Go Wonder Woman! Oh and Chris Pine looked so hot.

Before I Fall

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This movie left me a life lesson: be gratefull of everything you have, 'cause you may lose it one day. This is one of those movies that will get you to think a lot. I really recommend you this movie, or even read the book. It is worht the try! And besides, the soundtrack was on point. Nerve and Before I Fall gets five stars for the cool music.

Those are my top movies, but I'll leave you a few recommendations of good movies too:

  • The Founder
  • Life
  • Baby Driver
  • Baywatch

2017 still isn't over, maybe I'll make another post about my top ten '17 movies when the year is over, and i might make more posts!