Hello everyone~~

So I'll start by saying that I have combination skin and ance prone skin which is super dry in my chin, eyes and cheeks but it's very oily on my nose, forhead and cheeks apple (?) basically my T-zone.
I noticed that when I do some things I tend to breakout a lot.

Here's my tips of thing to do and not to do to help prevent those breakouts:

➳ when I start touching my face too much or when I pop my pimples they multiply instead of disappearing and they become really gross and sart hurting so... DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE AND DON'T POP YOUR PIMPLES (unless you can pop them properly);
➳ don't eat a lot of dairy products, first off they're not as good as you think for your health and whenever I eat cheese or drink milk or eat yogurt a freaking pimple appears on my face;
➳ the same things goes with sugar and everything with sugar in it like I look like the Princess Wildberry from Adventure Time still cute tho;
➳ change your bed sheets and pillowcases frequently;
➳ moisturize your face even if you think that your skin will get more oily it's actually the opposite. If you don't moisturize your face, your skin will produce more sebum and it'll clog your pores and it will just look gross. So just find your perfect moisturize and you're good to go;
➳ wear sunscreen. Whatever your skin color is you need sunscreen trust me it will prevent a lot of pimples and scarring too;
➳ drink a lot of water. You probably already know this but water will get your skin a lot clearer and it'll make you glow like the sun it's kissing your skin;
➳ don't wear always make up, it can prevent your skin from breathing properly;
➳ don't over-wash your face and don't scrub it too much because it will worsen your skin barrier;
➳ don't use alcohol based products it will make your skin dry and it just won't work trust me.

Thank you for reading this~~

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