In this life we are too busy comparing ourselves to one another, but what we don't understand is we are as different as each grain of sand. It's the thing most people seem to not understand.

We are stitched together so that not one of us are the same. It's what makes us unique in our own special way. Our differences are just a way to say that we are one in a million. You can't find another person like you or me. Wear that unique flag only you can hold high.

We don't have to look like a model or actor on the big screen. They are doing their own thing. Find your own path towards every little thing you do. We live in a world where there are many paths that we can take to achieve our goals. Be a person that discovers a new path in the direction you want to go.

Being unique is a good thing. Who wants to look at someone and say
he/she is just like me? I'd rather be uniquely me. Think of it as being molded out of your own special, unique, and gorgeous clay. You are an artistic masterpiece. Don't forget to always stay true to yourself even if that makes you different from everyone else.