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Autumn is a season full of unpredictable weather. Sometimes sunny, sometimes windy, sometimes rainy. We often don't know what to wear, because we have no idea what is waiting for us outside. The sky can be very confusing, especially in the morning. You look out of the window, see sun, and then you go out and you feel like it's January. However, one thing is special about fall weather: storms.
Some people are scared of them, some people adore them. Rain can be relaxing, but also very depressing. I personally love rainy days. The smell of rain in the air, sound of rain drops hitting the window, gloomy sky, calm feeling all over my body. The best combination that you can do in rainy day is wear a warm, comfy clothes, drink a tea, and read a book.

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Rainy days are also made for thinking. Our mind is relaxed by the sound of storm, so we can think about serious topics more easily. Also, listening to music is another great way how to make your rainy day better.

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If it's not currently raining in your city, you can listen the storm in here: http://rainymood.com (link from @the_night_skies)

How to make these gloomy days more comfortable? Really important thing to do is to make your bedroom cozy. Make it a place where you feel safe, protected from the world outside. Add lights, blankets, photographs... everything that you feel happy about.

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You can read more about it in this article:

Rainy days should not be spent only at home. If you wear some warm clothes, it can be really fun being outside. Dancing in the rain, jumping into puddles, leaving rain drops storke you cheeks... Take your friends and have fun!

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As I said earlier, the sound of the rain is calming our minds. But what is also a good stress killer? Watching thunderstorm! Nothing is more satisfying than staring at night sky and waiting for a lightning.

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I also like rainy evenings, I usually watch a film, talk with my parents or play with my pets. Spending time with your family is important, and it can be very pleasant. Eat some delicious pumpkin pie and enjoy being at home.

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When I feel down during rainy day, I also really like to be here on We Heart It. People here are so nice and their pictures and articles are very inspiring!

Also @miaomaio74, @beautiful_pluto or @zoewinkle has beautiful fall pictures and articles on their feed.

Here is my article about "What I like on Autumn", if you haven't checked it yet:

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