hello everybody! since fall is here i decided to make a article with some songs that i associate with fall. i hope you like the songs!

Two Ghosts - Harry Styles

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One Day - Max Meser

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All Alone - Acid Ghost

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Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones

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Tyrants - Catfish and the Bottleman

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Snap Out Of It - Arctic Monkeys

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Late Bloomer - Haley Blais

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From the Dining Table - Harry Styles

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Medicine - The 1975

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Affection - Cigarettes after Sex

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Sweater Weather - The Neigborhood

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Fireside - Arctic Monkeys

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Cold Little Heart - Michael Kiwanuka

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Dumb - Nirvana

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Strangest Thing - The War on Drugs

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Lost in Nostalgia - The Maine

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The Enemy - The Staycations

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So Far (It's Alright) - The 1975

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Mine - Haley Blais

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Mercy - Emil Landman

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i hope you guys liked the music, you can follow me on spotify: @diedgmuldr -xxxxx- diede