Hi guys!

So bulletjournaling is such a populair thing at this moment.
But it is kinda difficult to start your bullet journal. So today i am going to tell you what you need to start a bullet journal yay!


As your journal you can use every type of notebook. You can use a notebook with lines, dots, or just blanco pages. Everyone has a notebook at home so you always can start a bullet journal. :)


Black fineliners are super important! You can need them to draw doodles but also for writing and yeah it just looks super pretty so you just need black fineliners :)


you need pencils so you can make sketches before you use your fineliners.

colour pencils

When you are going to make drawing you can use colour pencils so it looks extra pretty and happier :)


not everyone is super creative so you can look on pinterest or on ofcourse we heart it for some inspiration !! I also made a collection with some inspiration so you can check that out !!

That is it for today !! Have fun with planning etc. Byeee