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Hi, everyone, I want to make this article is because I wanted to let you all know is that thinking about how you are feeling at the moment. What thoughts are coming into your mind? How are you using your energy Let your loving heart do the work by answering the questions. If you believe in yourself you can do it. A good example of a student who became successful by accepting their failure is because they won't let their scores weigh them down. However, whenever it comes to our feelings being controlled by the limbic system is located from the surface of the
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A good example for this is when we come up ideas what word, feeling, thought comes up from the top of your brain. Which makes up an idea that is caused from what we are actually thinking, feeling or having a thought. This shows that we have been bringing up ideas from the top of our brain like a light bulb.
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In order to remember your ideas. Studies show that students are likely to remember information when it is written in their own words. and handwriting is shown to be the most effective.
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Yet with the internet today we express our ideas by communicating through typing, texting, and writing on paper.
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Since rules are meant to be broken you can either text, type or write on paper as you wish to prefer because of these students now, they can use their computers for communicating by typing through their thinking, arguments, ideas, feelings without having the need to have a piece of paper and pen to write. Although, sometimes if an instructor requires a book for students to read. Then there are so many ways to get the book by audiobooks, reading them digitally or on paper.

Also, I have been feeling positive and happy is because it is my birthday! My birthday is on September 24, born year of the Earth tiger that was given birth around 10:30 AM which is two hours away from lunch break. And I feel thankful, grateful for my mom gave birth to me and thank you, mom, and love you.

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My gratitude for We Heart It and the team has a good day and continue to keep everyone inspired with motivation, love, inspiration, the art, and everything that shows we can embrace our flaws, imperfections, and weaknesses by focusing on what we are actually good at is showing the art of writing through the way we think, feel, argue, and develop ideas from the top of your head.

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Thank you, We Heart It for building this website for us all to heart the things we love. And I love you! <3 Also I am thankful for being part of the We Heart It community and I heart you all! <3