on friday 22nd september, it became autumn for the united kingdom. but, in my opinion, it's been autumn for the last month or so with a few hot spells.
i thought i'd try out the articles, and decided what better than to do it about my absolute favourite season of the year.
autumn, also known as fall, is a mix between cold and hot. when the green fresh leaves turn to a crisp golden colour. when you have an excuse to snuggle in a blanket cocoon and watch films whilst drinking a bunch of different hot drinks (not at the same time, obviously, that might taste a bit weird, never tried it though, so it could taste good, but i have drank a mix of hot chocolate and tea together before on a dare, it did not taste good).
so here are 5 tips on surviving autumn, kinda.
1. yes, wearing that extra layer makes a bit of a difference.
so here's the thing, you know when your outfit is perfect, and you want to show it of but it's looks chilly outside? but if you put on a coat or a scarf it completely ruins the look? well, news flash, but putting that extra layer of warmth on actually helps you from not becoming ill. of course, no promises, it's basically impossible to stop yourself from getting a cold at least twice in the season. it's just a shame the really good outfit gets a tiny bit ruined, but i'm sure you still look amazing!

2. becoming picture obsessed.
autumn is one of the seasons our phone's storage is definitely full. it doesn't help that the holiday you went on looked beautiful and you took at least 20 of the same pictures. but in autumn there's the starbucks drink classic (i mean, who doesn't like starbucks?), and the leaves on the ground.
i seriously get envy of all the amazing pictures people can take, whereas all i can get is maybe one of a tree with no leaves or an ootd.
one way to save you from throwing your phone at a wall because of the "storage almost full" sign is by backing up your phone and saving all pictures on a laptop or computer, then deleting them off your phone.
3.the amazing baths
it's bath season. i know i've already been to lush to buy bath bombs, and i got a voucher (i used that as my excuse to go, oops) that i can top up and use whenever i like. but make sure not to spend all your money on bath bombs, sometimes just bubbles are enough. don't forget, we need to try the annual drinks at starbucks!
4. so many flavours
from my last point, drinks at starbucks are a must try. like i said earlier, i love starbucks, and i feel i got that love from my family. i know this because the other day i said "hey look, the PSL are out". we all got so excited, and recently on holiday i found my old love off coffee from when i was younger had come back, meaning i was a lot more excited knowing i had more drinks to try! but make sure not to waste money on drinks you don't like the sound of.
5. stay safe
because of the colder weather many people only go outside for school or work. remember to look all around you when going outside, and if your like me and like listening to music whilst walking around, only use one earbud if possible, because then you can hear your surroundings.
did any of that makes sense? i hope so, else i spent 20 minutes typing this for no reason.
maybe i'll try another one of these one day, but for now i'll just stick to reading other people's articles (there's a lot of creativity o this site, i love it!)
- xo jess