How many have not spent a moment in front of the window, maybe looking at the ceiling listening to our favorite song that reminds us of all those things that we have gone through, how many loves have not gone through our lives leaving traces and also cracks, we look for a response from the because although we are surrounded by people in the cold dawn we are so alone, so alone that we even talk with our other self that is like your counselor your companion in your decisions and the only one who can not even leave you, hot coffee comforts me gives relief, but when it gets later it starts to cool down and it does not have the same flavor I keep looking and I wonder if he's thinking of me, if I'm beautiful for him or even if he dreams about me .... it's a long night for me I stop to think that tomorrow this could improve and I have the illusion that when I wake up I feel confident and confident .. although I know that I only try to deceive myself tomorrow like every morning cu I'm going to sleep, I'll go back to the same place where I am now and I'll ask the same questions until I find the answer for the moment, I'll close my swollen or red eyes and I'll lose myself in my dreams.