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This is my first time writing an article and I just wanted to see how it works while giving you all a list of my favorite alternative/indie/pop/etc. music artists. I may make more articles on my music playlists, my favorite wattpad stories, and how to make edits the way I do at some point in time. (not the most exciting thing I know). Anyway, I'll stop talking and give you the list.

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1. Halsey

: not only is she absolutely adorable, but she puts her blood and sweat into her shows and music and you can hear it. One of my all time favorite songs by her is Empty Gold from Room 93 ,but the song by her that I never fail to dance to is Heaven in Hiding from her newest album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. She's also bisexual and her song Stranger ft. Lauren Jauregui is about her ex girlfriends.

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2. The Weeknd

:I get very upset when people say that all his music sounds the same because it really doesn't, but this coming from someone who is actually a fan. His first official album (which is actually his first 3 mix tapes put together so it has 30 songs). Trilogy is one of his best albums to me. It's a side of The Weeknd that you don't hear on the radio plus it has a darker feel. If you like calm music, listen to Rolling Stone from that album. If you like upbeat music, the song House of Balloons/ Glass Table Girls (it's one song) is good. If you like a mix of both, the song Next is beautiful.

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3. Twenty One Pilots

:you should seen this one coming. Top is one of the best groups I've come across. My favorite song by them this and always will be Trees from their album Vessel, there's another version of it on Regional At Best ( an album that can be found on youtube) but it's more electric. One song by them I listen to when I miss somebody is, Addict With A Pen on their self titled album. One that's upbeat and happy is Fake You Out which is also on Vessel.

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4. Melanie Martinez

:when I first got into her, I loved her music but hated her voice, but now I love it lol. One of my favorite songs by her is Mad Hatter (which she just dropped a music video for. If you like calm music, Training Wheels is a good one. For upbeat music, Mad Hatter and Soap.

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5. Troye Sivan

: he's so adorable!!! Ahhhhhhh....anyway Troye Sivan started as a youtuber and of course he got discovered. My absolute favorite song by him is The Quiet off his album Blue Neighborhood (it's also on his WILD Ep). That song is upbeat but hits you in the feels hard. A calm song I like by him is Ease ft. Broods. Plus, he's gay and doesn't hide it in his music, he uses he/him pronouns when referring to a loved one.

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6. Bring Me The Horizon

: now this is more of a rock/ screamo band, but their album That's the Spirit gives a softer side, it still has some screams but they won't bust out your ear drums. My fav by them is Throne on that album. For upbeat: Blasphemy. I listen to that song and it gets me calm but really hype....it's weird but I love it. For calm: Follow you. Most people think this is a pop song but I don't really care, if it's a good song, it's a good song.

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7 . Machiene Gun Kelly

: MGK is a rapper, so I was surprised to listen to his music and actually like it. My favorite album by him is General Admission, that whole album has a story to it if you listen to it in order. He has a daughter, whom he wrote a song for that's about how it's hard to raise a child while being a celebrity and not having the best relationship with his own father. It's called Gone ft. Leroy Sanchez which is also a good song for those who like calm music. He makes sure he never says the n word in his music which I find every respectful since uhhh, he's white. For upbeat music, Make It Happen and Sail are amazing. Sail you can only find on youtube though, it's not on spotify.

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8. The Fray

: this group you may have heard a song or 2 from. Their self titled album is my favorite so I'll mostly list songs from there. Their song Absolute is one of my favorites, but for those who like calm music, Ungodly Hour and Happiness are just beautiful. For upbeat: We Build Then We Break.

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9. Panic at the Disco

: I love love love love looooooooove his album Death Of a Bachelor. One of my favorite songs by him is Miss Jackson ft. LOLO on his album Too Weird to live, Too rare to Die!,that song also works for people who like upbeat music as well as Victorious. For calm, Golden Days, but it gets a little hype, that's only because of the instrumental though.

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10. Imagine Dragons

:if you haven't even heard of this band.......what are you doing?!?!?! Imagine Dragons I got addicted to in June. They have a lot of EPs but my favorite single by them is a tie between Roots and Gold. For upbeat music, Gold is perfect. For calm music, It's Time(which you've probably already heard), and Nothing Left to Say, but this song will have another song attached to it at the end called Rocks.

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11. Sounds Under Radio

: unless you've watched The Vampire Diaries and looked up their music from there, I'm sure you haven't even heard of them. When you look them up, it says they're a rock band but I think otherwise. My favorite EP by them is Where My Communist Heart Meets My Capitalist Mind. I mostly listen to their calm music so Fire Escape and All You Wanted is great for that.

THAT'S ALL LOVELIES!!! I hope you liked my list and that you'll hopefully get into all these beautiful artists and expand you're music interest.

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Until next time