What started out as a parts company has grown into one of the most popular guitar brands in the world. Their path to success was paved with awesome metal axes, which brought a brutal sound to their users. It’s no secret that you don’t go out to buy a Schecter guitar for jazz.

If you are interested in getting a guitar made by this brand, I've selected 4 of the best Schecter guitars for metal that will get you the performance you deserve. The main criteria we used when choosing which guitars to put on this list was build quality and how good the sound was relative to their price. With that said, no matter which one of these Schecter guitars you go for, you will get your money’s worth. Let’s dig right in.


Schecter HELLRAISER C-VI Baritone 6-String Electric Guitar, Black Cherry
Price: $799.00
Let’s start things off with a truly amazing guitar that brings a lot of versatility to the table. The Hellraiser series have been among the most capable and refined Schecter models for quite some time. The one we are looking at here reinforces that reputation in the best way possible. On that note, there is nothing average about the Hellraiser.

Features and Performance

This guitar is somewhat unique because it comes with a baritone scale. That means you get a 30-inch neck that sports two reinforcement rods inside. The body of the guitar (see full specs) is standard Schecter Super Strat design made of mahogany. In terms of electronics, you are looking at a set of amazing EMG humbuckers that can give you just about any kind of output you need.

As soon as you plug this bad boy into an amp, you will understand how far its potential reaches. Naturally, the guitar kills it when it comes to heavy distortions saturated with lots of gain, but this is a gentle brute. Rolling back on that volume and dialing in a light overdrive will get you into blues territory with ease. The Hellraiser C-VI is truly one versatile beast and likely the best Schecter guitar that you can buy.

Schecter Omen Extreme 6

Schecter Omen Extreme-6 Electric Guitar (Black Cherry)
Price: $399.00
When it comes to Schecter mid-range models, nothing beats the Omen Extreme 6. This guitar has been the staple of young metal bands around the world for quite some time now. With that said, this is one model that punches way above its price range. While it’s not as refined as the Hellraiser, Omen Extreme 6 is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Features and Performance

When you first look at this guitar, you will notice just how fine the finish is. Its mahogany body provides all the tonal properties necessary, while the quilted maple top with nice white binding takes care of the aesthetic part of the equation. The neck is a maple design that features a rosewood fretboard with Vector inlays, completing the overall look of the Omen Extreme 6 (see full specs). In terms of electronics, we have a set of Schecter Diamond passive humbuckers. While they might not be as hot as the EMGs, these pups pack more than enough heat.

Performance wise this guitar just delivers. The tone is responsive and works with well with any kind of dist box or amp you plug it into. For the most part, you can play a wide range of genres although metal is definitely something that this guitar does particularly well.

Schecter C-6 Plus

Schecter C-6 Plus Solid-Body Electric Guitar, EM
Price: $299.00
Moving on through the Schecter range, we see a C-6 Plus. This model comes with a different set of aesthetic features, although it still looks pretty amazing considering the price. When put into perspective, it’s fair to say that C-6 Plus is the best Schecter guitar if you want the most the bang for the buck.

Features and Performance

One of the main differences between the C-6 Plus and previous Schecter models we’ve shown you is the tonewood. This one comes with a basswood body that is covered in that same quilted maple. There’s no binding, but the guitar still looks very nice. The neck is a maple piece with a standard rosewood fretboard that comes with your regular dot inlays. Where C-6 Plus offers the most value are the pickups. It comes with the same Schecter Diamond Plus humbuckers as some of the more expensive models do.

Once you plug it into an amp, the sound coming from the speakers inspires a lot of confidence. Despite it not being a mahogany body, Schecter C-6 Plus has a decent amount of sustain and a very nice resonance to its sound.

SGR C-1 by Schecter

C-1 SGR by Schecter Beginner Electric Guitar - Electric Blue (Amazon Exclusive)
Price: $152.75
SGR is to Schecter what Epiphone is to Gibson. With that said, SGR guitars are pretty decent and provide a much more refined experience than most entry level beginner models do. Those who want to get into any type of metal music right away will appreciate the tonal properties of this little ax.

Features and Performance

Everything about the C-1 is simple and basic. However, that doesn’t mean the guitar is bad. On the contrary, its basswood body and maple neck are pretty standard for this segment of the market. Hardware includes a Tune-o-Matic bridge that is followed by a string-thru-body design. When it comes to pickups, they are decent enough and have a pretty good definition for a basic set.

The type of performance you can expect to get from the C-1 is going to satisfy anyone who is just starting out. With that said, this SGR has enough juice to keep up with you even when you gain some experience and grow your skill. For the price, you can hardly do better than this.

Conclusion – What Makes the Best Schecter Guitar for Metal?

These Schecter models I've listed for you are, in my humble opinion, the best this company has to offer at the moment. I wanted to include guitars that were both built well and capable of delivering great performance on demand. In that context, these four axes are on point. Whether you are looking to get your first guitar or you simply need something capable of handling those heavy set distortions, Schecter has you covered.

If you’re wondering about what exactly to look for, well, look for a quality punch and a good roar. Also, you’ll need durability, reliability, and good value for money. And you can rest assured that each of the listed models delivers across all fronts. Good stuff!