Hey guys ,
I'm pretty sure every single one of us knows how it feels to be unmotivated.
And everyone knows that horrible feeling you have when the week is gone and you still havent reached anything....

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Something like this

If got some ways that usually help me to get motivated

1) make a to-do list

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It really helps to list all the things you need to do so you can tick them off
and its a nice feeling when you see the results

2 ) make a journal with your goals for the year

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I love working on my journal.
First of all its a lot of fun and it helps me to get my goals organized so I can work on them.
You can look at that journal and it will automaticly motivate you to do your work to achieve the things you always wanted ...

3 ) get yourself gifts

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wether it's a nice nailpolish, makeup , sweets , books , or just a coffee at starbucks ... give yourself something for your hard work.
Beleive me , you will be much more motivated to finish your essaye when you know something nice is waiting for you :)

4 ) don't be so hard to yourself

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Work on you but don't overwork. Be happy for the small results but try to keep them instead of just making big steps for a short amount of time .
Slower progress is better than none

Turn your work into something fun and challenging and it will make more fun !

Hope you enjoyed this article and this will help you to get motivated