I'm slowly learning how to wait, how to be patient, how to stand still when I want to run away, how to wake up when I can't keep my eyes open and how to accept what I don't understand. I'm slowly learning that good things truly take time and that I can't rush anything in life, especially the things I want most.
I'm slowly learning not to compare my life to others.
I'm, slowly learning that their journey is different than mine, that they're ready for the blessings I still need to work harder for, that they've reached a point where their timing is right and I still need to figure out mine.
I'm slowly learning that there are no timelines in life; just learning, living and evolving.
I'm slowly learning to wait without complaining, without crying, without being bitter no matter how frustrating it gets because I believe I'm bound to find the answers one day, I'm bound to figure out why I had to wait and why things had to be so hard. I'm slowly learning how to enjoy the questions instead if fretting about the answers.

I'm slowly learning how to live. I'm slowly starting to understand life, God, love, heartbreak, rejection, family. I'm slowly finding the missing pieces of the puzzle and I'm slowly building my masterpiece. I'm slowly learning that good things take time. That the things that last won't come easy and the lessons that shape you are always the hard ones.
I'm slowly learning that waiting doesn't have to be a curse, even though it certainly feel like it is most of the time. I'm slowly learning that waiting can be a blessing because it turns you into a better version of yourself so you can be prepared for the best things in life to come find you.
I'm slowly learning that waiting may not get you the things you want immediately, but it will get you the things you need

for a lifetime.

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This year has been one of the hardest for me, and if I learned anything it would be that we need to take the best things out of situations. No matter how hard it gets, hold on to the good things and live through it. Learn how to wait. Good things are on their way!

I promise you!

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