Hey guys!
So I'm finally writing an article again and I'm really excited because today I'm gonna teach you how to have to perfect morning. By the way with the perfect morning I mean a good orginized morning where you can get everything done that you want to achieve. For me those are thing like stretching a bit, planning, having a good breakfast etc. So yeah, let's just get started!

Morning 6:30
So the first thing I do when I wake up is get out of bed to open my curtains and window to get some sunlight and fresh air in my room. Now I'll be heading to the kitchen to grab my phone and put on some chill music. I'll put the link to my spotify at the end of this article so you guys can check it out if you want to. Now I'll make some green tea and go back to my room to just be on my phone and drink my tea for a little while. Then I take about 6 minutes out of my morning to stretch a little bit. I love doing this because it really wakes me up. I also take the time to grab my planner and write down my goals and to do's for the day. This is a really good motivation if you have any specific goals.

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Time to get ready 7:00
Now that I've finished my tea I'll go to the bathroom to wash my face. I'm going to upload a skincare article really soon with all the details of my routine but I basically just wash my face with a face wash and I use a toner and moisturizer. Then I'll go back to my room and make my bed. After I finished that, I put on my outfit that I picked out the night before and sit in front of my vanity mirror to do my make up and hair. I never wear a lot of make up on a school day so I'll just do some highlighter, mascara, brows and lipgloss. For my hair I'll either just brush it and leave it like that or I would go for a ponytail. Then I will put on my accessories and clean my room a little if I have time left.

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Breakfast 7:30
Now It's time to eat some breakfast, yay! I love having breakfast so so much, tbh it's probably my favorite meal of the day. Most of the time I have oatmeal and some fruit on the side or I'll go for some yogurt with granola. I always have another cup of tea with my breakfast or just water. At breakfast I take my time to really taste the food and just enjoy the moment before starting a busy day.

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Getting ready to leave 7:50
After breakfast I go back to my room and make sure my bag is packed for school ( books, lunch etc). Then I'll make sure my room is super clean and nice looking before I leave. This is great because when you come home after school it's really nice to have a nice looking room to chill in. If I have nothing left to do I'll either do some left over homework or be on my phone. I leave for school at 8:10.

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So guys, that is my perfect morning routine! I really hope you enjoyed it and let me know what kind of articles you guys would like to see from me.
xx mickey

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