if you are such a bookworm like me then you would want to read books in autumn while covering yourself with a warm blanket and beside you a warm cup of hot chocolate
so here is a list of books that you can read in autumn , that are suitable for the cold weather ☃️

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1- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone " the best book series ever with all it's chapters and books "
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2- Twilight "before you see the movie you should read the books , seriously i LOVE IT "
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3- gone with the wind " gone with the wind is a thrilling book with a lot of history in it "
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4-IT " this scary horror book is now a movie and it's really creepy "
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5- The book thief " this book is so good I think everyone who likes books can relate to it a lot "
book, the fault in our stars, and john green image
6-The fault in our stars " the book that ruined your life, it's just too sad "
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7- The golden compass " if you read this book you will feel you are in a magical world "
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8- Ella enchanted " this book is really magical, it has a lot of beautiful meanings to it "
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9- coraline " i watched the movie and i loved it but the book is so much better "
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10- looking for alaska " john green is one of my fav authors and i like every book he ever wrote also this one is in the top 3 of my fav list "

I hope you guys liked it and there are way more books but if i could put every book that i like then this would never end