Halloween is coming and you wanna look goals. I have the best outfits for you. I got 4 outfits for girls, 3 for boys and 2 for couples. I hope you like my ideas and let me now if you want see more costume ideas or if there is something you want me to write.

1: Blair Waldorf
This for all the Gossip Girl fans. So about this costume I think it is so easy to put together. You can probably find these things from every store and i don`t think it will cost much. But the basic what you need is a head band, some kind of expensive looking purse, chic outfit and queens attitude.

blair waldorf and gossip girl image gossip girl, blair waldorf, and leighton meester image

This is a really creative and fun way to spice up your halloween costume. And it is really easy to put together. All you need is a light pink dress, knee high socks, white shoes, blue jacket, blond wig and an eggo box. And btw this is my outift for this year.

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3. Harley Quinn
I think this would be a cool costume idea too. But this needs more time and effort, but if you have the time, be free to do this. I think the most important part of this outfit is the makeup, hair, shirt and the baseball bat.

harley quinn image harley quinn image

4.Wonder woman
Last but probably the most coolest and hardest to do. Can i just say i went to see this movie and it gave me chills, bc it was so good. So if you have not seen it go to see it. But there is so different ways to approach this costume, so i think it`s best that you choose the way to do it. But for me the most important parts are the head band thingie, some kinds of boots and some kind of short bottom.

wonder woman image dc comics, art, and justice league image Image removed

Now for the boys costumes.

Seriously this looks so hot. So please someone wear this and send me a pick. All you need is like face paint and some kind of dark outfit.

Temporarily removed black and white, boy, and Halloween image Image by Muntadar alsudany Image removed

2. Joker
The mad joker. Perfect halloween costume. And you get to paint your body if you want to. All you need is hair color, some kind face paint and some clothes. There has been several jokers in the bisnes so i recommend you to search the joker that will suit for you the best.

Temporarily removed DC, suicide squad, and joker image

3. Terminator
This the easiest of all of these. All you need is a leather jacket, black shirt and pants and some sunglasses.

terminator image Action, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and science fiction image

Now for the couples

1.Sandy and Danny
Super cool and this is goals. Grease is such an iconic movie.So i think many people will know what movie this is from. All you need is some leather clothing.

grease and vintage image Image removed grease, Sandy, and vintage image grease, John Travolta, and movie image

2.Romeo and Julia
You are probably thinking that this is not Romeo and Julia . And you are right this is from a movie called Romeo and Julia. I have seen part from the movie, but everything where is Leonardo Dicaprio must be good. All you need is an angel costume and an old soldier shield costume.

leonardo dicaprio, romeo and juliet, and movie image claire danes, Romeo+Juliet, and leonardo dicaprio image movie, R+J, and romeo & juliet image Temporarily removed

And there you have it. My suggestions for you. If you did not notice i mentioned that i will be Eleven for this halloween. So i hope these helped you and i am going to right soon again.