Books you have to read

Hello person reading this! I decided to write an article about books, since they are one of my favourite things ever, here are some amazing books I’ve read over the past years, and hopefully, you’ll check them out! (If you haven’t read them before)

-Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children
Most people probably watched the movie and loved it but the book is even better! I decided to read it because I thought the movie was really nice, and it turns out the book was amazing too. There are lots more characters and a lot more happens in this series than they showed in the movie. I hope they’ll make two other movies so it matches the actual books.

-The Testing
This is an amazing series and honestly it’s really underrated. It’s so good and the storyline is really creative. It’s basically about some kids from a small town who are chosen to go to this thing called the Testing, which is pretty self explanatory. If they survive, they get to go to the university. I really recommend this series.

-The Legend Trilogy
This one is a little more famous but it is quite underrated as well, it’s written by Marie Lu, one of my favourite authors. It’s a little weird in the beginning but once you get it it becomes really interesting.

-The Young Elites
This is also written by Marie Lu, and it’s basically about a girl who finds out she has special powers, and finds more of her own, called young elites. A lot happens and Adelina, the main character, changes a lot throughout the books. I really enjoyed reading it, I really recommend it.

-The Dark Artifices
This is a new series and all of the books haven’t come out yet but I read the first book, it was really good. If you’ve heard of the Mortal Instruments or the Infernal Devices you probably know what this is. I haven’t read the second book but I plan to.

-Trials of Apollo
This is also new as all the books haven’t come out yet, I am currently on the second book. Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus fans will know what this is. So far it’s been really interesting and I really like how each chapter name is a haiku, since Apollo is the god of poems. The haikus are really bad though, which makes it funny.

That’s all for this article, I might write another one since I love so many other books. Some books I don’t need to write about like the Mortal Instruments or the Percy Jackson series, cuz I’m pretty sure almost everyone knows those, so there’s that. Hope you enjoy this article, watch out if I write another one!